Happy Sunday everyone! Ice cream week came and went... I really hope you liked it! It’s always fun for us to come up with content centered around a given theme. Ah, the constraints that make us creative... is there a theme that you’d like to see done? I’d really like to do a special ‘Think Pink’ week, not about the singer of course... but the color! A tropical week could be neat when winter is in full swing, or even just a Tropical Christmas? I’d like to do another polka dot week too, better than the first one, three years ago... and even a striped week! I can tell you that I’m already getting a special week ready at the end of September that should be to your liking! But I’d love to know what you’d like to see, I’m sure everyone can come up with some crazy ideas!


I’m wearing a white linen culotte, a sequin t­shirt and Gordana Dimitrijevic shoes from my wedding, and a homemade pink headband...

I’ve already told you about what’s going to happen next without telling you about today’s post! That’s so me, putting the horse before the wagon... so today, I’d like to finish off this theme week with a unique shoot, me balancing on modeling clay ice cream cones... I’ll let you look it over...
make-my-lemonade-ice-cream-week-1I’m wearing a romper and a polka dotted Asos jacket, as well as a Wear Lemonade hat that’ll be available mid­August and my Gordona Dimitrijevic shoes.
make-my-lemonade-ice-cream-week-6Here I’m wearing an amazing lilac skirt, a babe t­shirt and a jean jacket with Mellow Yellow shoes.
Here I’m wearing an amazing lilac skirt, a babe t­shirt and a jean jacket with Mellow Yellow shoes. I wasn’t just going to wear hokey ice cream patterns, I thought that ice cream was more about sugary sweet, pastel colors. I was lucky to have Asos along for the ride and they loaned us everything used in the shoot. Once we finished shopping, Pauline Darley came along to photograph me on a white backdrop in her new photo studio! The idea was to mix up pieces as I often like to do, with a summery romper and a polka dotted blazer. Or a maxi­skirt with a middle school tshirt and a jean jacket... We’re not repeating ourselves, I like to “upgrade” certain pieces to make up my outfits.
My lovely friend, Alexandra B., who besides being one of Wear Lemonade’s long­locked muses, is also a talented set designer that makes decors out of modeling clay... see where I’m going with this? She’s so good at her work that a few weeks ago she started an incredible wallpaper eshop: papermint! I told her about my desire to do something new for an outfit shoot... and voila! One evening we mixed pounds of clay to get pretty pastels... we underestimated the amount of work needed to make all of these backgrounds. We had time to make the ice cream cones before our schedules caught up with us... So yesterday, when I got back from vacation I continued mixing so we could finish this theme week up right!
make-my-lemonade-ice-cream-week-2A little close up of Italian ice cream!
Behind the scenes with pastel tennis shoes...
Writing you this and seeing the ice cream, which is obviously fake, is making me hungry. I’m going to go grab a bite and try out some of the places Simoné went to! Hugs and kisses! Thanks to Pauline Darley and Alexandra Bruel for their talented help and to Asos!
make-my-lemonade-ice-cream-week-5Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
24 juillet, 2016