Hello my little kitties!

Thank you all for your sweet words and crazy love about the Lolita dress. I cannot wait to see your creations! Moreover, since then you have been so many to visit the website and it completely flooded by your enthusiasm but now it works!
Today I am back with a new DIY! Indeed, few weeks ago, I talked to you about my favorite perfumes collection and I had the nice surprise to be contacted by Jo Malone, and I just love wearing the sweet "Wood Sage & Sea Salt" cologne.

The Jo Malone team wanted me to show you a perfume personalization service to have a unique scent that they call the “Fragrance Combining”. The idea is not to combine 42 references but to start with 2 only can be nice! The olfactory experts can mix 3. And add a fourth one with perfumed body milk. Now it becomes too complex for me. I am also in favor of the “less is more” and I prefer not to play chemistry with my skin.




I received 2 other fragrances, 2 particular scents, as Jo Malone is known for. The unexpected ingredients’ assembling is now the trademark of the company. I would remind you my perfume of origin is “Wood Sage & Sea Salt”… so I received “Lime Basil & Mandarin” which is the signature perfume of Jo Malone. They put it everywhere: in their shops obviously, but also on the silk papers. The lemon and basil mix is very sweet and a little bit acid, and combined with “Wood Sage & Sea Salt”, it intensifies the sea spray. I love it and I stop it here, I do not add other scents because I am not very adventurous… I also received "Blackberry & Bay" which is fruitier and greedier, it reminds me some childhood memories. Mixed with “Wood Sage & Sea Salt”, the result is “rounder”, sweeter, almost comforting!

For the occasion, I imagined a little paper DIY so that you can understand the perfumes superimpositions… You know how much I love paper flowers: paper roses, cherry blossom, or even peonies… Today, I imagined just for you some imaginary flowers, to complete the Make My Lemonade flowers collection… I had to find them crazy lemony names! You will keep yourself busy this summer doing this DIY and maybe you will create some delicate flower crowns for your bridesmaids, who knows? I send you big kisses and I let you download the pattern of your (I hope) new favorite flowers…




You will need:

  • - The pattern of the flowers
  • - Scissors
  • - A graduate steel ruler
  • - White ribbon 60cm
  • - A scalpel
  • - White paper
  • - Glue
  • - White silk paper

Print and cut the patterns of the flowers.




Draw the patterns on white paper and cut them. Choose different papers so that you can have various shades of white.




Slightly draw the folding lines to facilitate the next steps using the back of the scalpel and the ruler. Fold the flower and stick thanks to the strips.




To have a nice result, wait until the glue is dry and then curve the extremities of the petals with your fingers.




Now take the flower’s pistils that you cut before, fold them like an accordion, use some glue and put the pistils into the flower!




Here we are! Your first flower is born! Now let’s move to the next one, the silk paper flower. Take a silk paper strip and fold it in two (lengthwise).




Fold it again and again, and cut a heart with the scissors (be careful because you have to place the base of the heard in the paper fold to have a double heart once unfolded).




Superimpose the heart petals to obtain a round flower.




Twist the base of the flower to fix the flower and place the petals again in a homogenous way. 




Put perfume on the flowers, you can use different fragrances depending on the flowers and combined them.




Keep creating flowers from different sizes and shades of white, and assemble your crown sticking the flowers on the paper strip.




Create a notch at the extremity of the paper or fabric strip using the tip of the scissors, and put the ribbon inside!

Here we are!




Translated by Coralie Clair

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07 juillet, 2015