Hello my little kitties!

Here we are again with the so famous and sweet Lolita! As I told you in the previous post, I am so proud to announce you that we imagined a wonderful giveaway with Singer. Indeed, in one of the 250 patterns you can find a golden ticket that will allow you to win a retro look sewing machine, the €849.50 Singer One Plus! Do you believe it? I barely realize and I am so excited to offer you such a gift!




Well, I have to be honest and tell you that the pattern of this dress is more “complex” compared to those we have presented before, but it is not extremely hard either, you just need to be a little bit more patient. Why? There is a small cotton lining to do. It is a well-fitted dress so you will have to learn with us how to sew an invisible zip. I also felt a little apprehensive about it but how can we be afraid of a zip? However, with my sweet Laure’s advice, everything was fine, even better than fine: finger in the nose! I let you watch the video and you will see by yourself that it is not difficult at all!



Today is a new day because you now have to pay in order to download the PDF version, and it will also be the case for the next ones (only €1.99). We made some changes on the PDF file for the assembly to be simpler. Indeed, each sheet is numbered and there is also a summary sheet to recap how to place them. The 6 previous patterns are and will remain free. I hope you understand because the graduation process and the layout represent a lot of work. For these reasons we chose to make the pattern pay but also easier to use.





Few things to know about this dress:


  • - The Lolita pattern that you can find here and here
  • - Fabric 3m with width 1.45m (not smaller because it will not be enough)
  • - 1 invisible zip special dress (35cm)
  • - Lining 1m

- Exceptionally in the booklet, you will find the necessary explanations to adapt the pattern to your measurements.

- You asked me which fabric I have used for my Lolitas, so for the white and navy blue ones, it is a gorgeous mercerized satin cotton, for the “fresh butter” yellow version it is a cotton gabardine a little bit thick and for the striped yellow and white parasol version it is a coated fabric (same as neoprene) from the Jacquemus collection. We bought all the fabrics in “les Etoffes du Sentier” shop, in the Jeuneurs street in Paris.

- Under the navy blue one I am wearing a tulle petticoat. If you want to give the same effect to your dress, I recommend you the Repetto ballet dancer’s tutu.

After wearing the dresses, I found that something was missing so I asked Laure to add little bows on both the Titanic boat neckline’s sides… As a bonus, we are going to share with you the DIY of these perfect bows!

  • - The bow pattern that you can download here
  • - Fabric strip 30cm




Cut the fabric as it is mentioned on the pattern. You will have 4 pieces for the bows and 4 others for the loops. To make the first bow, use 2 fabric pieces and pin the sides together.




Sew three of the four sides to keep one open. Cut the corners but not too much.




Put your hand into the opened side, and turn the fabric over. Form the corners with the tip of the scissors and then iron.




On the opened side, fold the seam allowance (1cm) to the inside, and then close it putting a nice invisible handmade stitch.




For the loop, put the two bigger sides together and sew. Turn around and iron.




Form the loop putting one of the free edges into the other. Do some handmade zigzag stitches, same as for a corset lacing. Put the rectangle of the bow into the loop.




Pull on each side to make a nice bow. Place them on the shoulder seam of the dress.




Sew the center of the bow loop to the dress, and the 4 corners of the bow too. Do the same for the other bow. Here we are! Nice result, isn’t it?

Translated by Coralie Clair

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03 juillet, 2015