Pictures by Pauline DarleyPink Pierrot model.

Hello my little kitties!

Today, I am going to talk to you about the collaboration with Jonak that has been launched last Friday! We kept the pink attitude and it was not a bad idea when we see the weather we have right now… During a week, you discovered the 7 models on Instagram and what a wonderful welcome! We now almost would like to make our own shoes! Thank you for your words and pictures; I just love to see your photos on the social media. Do not forget to use the #jonakxwearlemonade to share your pictures so that we can see them all! Jonak told me that they will restock the shoes during the week on their eshop and that there are still sizes and colors available at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris…




I promised to show you the backstage of the collection so here they are! I had the opportunity to go to Portugal, follow the final prototypes production and it was a magic experience. I already went to a shoe factory once but it is always a unique and wonderful moment for me. When I am there, with my camera around my neck, I always have the sensation that I am where I should be. It is a real pleasure to see the manufacturing process of the things I imagined and I find it even a bit moving to see my ideas coming to life…



This day in Porto was very short but I had to observe and remember as much as I could to transport you with me there. We went to the Jonak factory with Marie, the creative director of the brand. We were like children! I really like to visit factories, see the workers in action and share with them because they are always happy to show us their knowhow and the best they are capable of. It is often unreal and timeless moments. This day, I followed a man, who did not speak English, (and I still do not speak Portuguese either) so we communicated with smiles and gestures. The cherry on the cake…he was the doppelganger of the grandpa in the “UP” movie!




I really want to make more making of videos now, to show you the backstage of Wear Lemonade, visit our own factories because finally the elaboration and construction of the collection are the most exciting steps… Well, I am lying a bit because I also love to imagine the photoshoots… As you can see, I am just in love with my job!




Pauline Darley took the pictures! For each model, we imagined a “love mood”: studious lover with her Nino sleepers, tomboy with Pierrot, furious in Gino… By the way, in the shoe boxes you will find a note! I let you discover them in your polka dots boxes! For every photoshoot, I want to go further and try to challenge us! For this one, I asked my friend Audrey Roehrich, who is a super cool and talented dance teacher, to help Pauline Darley, Nathan Cahen and me with the choreography!



The collection is available in the following shops:

  •  - Lyon - 4 rue Grenette,
  • - Bordeaux - 12 place des Grands Hommes,
  • - Marseille - CC Terrasses du Port,
  • - Cannes - 131 rue d'Antibes,
  • - Cagnes sur Mer - CC Polygone Riviera,
  • - Paris 6ème - 70 rue de Rennes,
  • - Paris 16ème - 41 rue de Passy, 
  • - Galeries Lafayette et Printemps Haussmann
  • And on the E-shop of Jonak! 




Thank you everyone for your support! Thank you Marcel, Marie and Roxane from Jonak for their trust and availability! I send you big kissed and I cannot wait to read you and see your little foot!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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02 novembre, 2015