Dear readers, You have no idea how much your words and deception these past two days have saddened and touched me deeply. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m here to talk to you. When life gives you lemons... make lemonade. This weekend, rather than to let myself get blue under this sky of acid rain, I’ve spent time trying to find a good idea, turning the problem inside­out looking for a positive solution. I understand all sides and comments that were written here and on social media, I read them all. Sometimes fair and sad, sometimes vicious and disappointed, there are people that understand our decision and others that feel betrayed, that are disgusted and worst of all disappointed. As for me, worse than anger is disappointment. I don’t want to go back over the booklet’s higher prices because that won’t change, there are prices that can’t be lowered if we want it to be made in France, with high quality materials, and to pay the people fairly for their excellent work and savoir­faire. But I’ll admit that I never was comfortable with stopping the PDFs either. As I was telling you, it’s was a tricky subject to deal with for weeks and I think that I should have listened to my intuition and have found a fair solution so that I would be comfortable. While reading your comments, I felt a wave of sadness wash over me that’s made me want to me to write you this morning. I’m well aware that it was like a betrayal, kind of like being broken up with without warning... and I’m so sorry about it but there will always be people behind their computers who will comment and share their opinion... So I’ve thought about it these past two days and I want to find a favorable solution and above all, a fair one for you and us because I don’t think you have any idea how sad you’ve made us over here at 80 rue du faubourg Saint­Denis! As I was saying, I didn’t have a good feeling about stopping the PDFs, I thought it was pushing us away from the initial concept of Make My Lemonade: Sharing. But I’m also in charge of a very busy team and a decision had to be made in order to get work done and preserve the quality of everyone’s life at work because the organization and layout of the PDF and the customer service is a job all on it’s own that doesn’t pay anybody for 2.99 euros with each download. I have heard you. I would like to reinvent the pdf, and I have an idea in mind that I need to mull over, I have to go over some numbers and see if we can have a new person come in to do this work. But I have a subscription system in mind where every month a new pattern would be added to the list of old ones in your online customer center and I hope it would be for less than 10 euros, and the PDF pattern would still be available separately at a price higher than 2.99 euros. It’s just a question of doing some number crunching in order to find the fairest price
for everyone. My fix would some sort of sewing ‘Netflix’. I have to talk to the people working on Wear Lemonade and see if technically it can be done quickly and easily. I’m really sorry to have disappointed you and I hope that despite this hiccup you’ll stick around. Hugs and kisses, I’ll keep you posted here to see if all of this is possible. Lisa. PS: The Luisa, Bianca, and Rita patterns are offline since they’re being re­done, updated and translated. They’ll be back on Make My Lemonade as soon as they’re ready. And for those who bought the old PDFs but didn’t have time to download them, you can contact Maya at and she will send them to you.
02 mai, 2016