Hello my darlings! I’ve got “She & Him” stuck in my head, it’s kind of my jam when spring comes around! These past few days have been more colorful and it makes my heart sing, makes me feel capable of moving mountains... I’ve been working hard to find an answer to the PDF issue, it’s moving right along and I think that sometime between now and the end of the month we’ll have found the right solution... I will keep you posted. Today is a sunny Happy Friday, we took these pictures with Olitax one evening around 6, the lighting was warm, it was like a sign of beautiful weather to come! I love talking to you about weather and nice days because I feel like the sun washes away all the little grey clouds that go along with unhappiness... I admit that being an entrepreneur has been keeping me extremely busy and as soon as I’ve found some answers, I promise I’ll let you know more precisely what’s going on with an article about it! Like every year, I’ve been waiting for this sun like the messiah!
The sun rays lighting up my days make me want to do some do­ it­ yourself. It makes me want bright colors, embroidered sequins, and flowery photoshoots! As I know that you have an opinion on things going on here, I wanted to ask you what sort of DIY you’d like to see on the blog? Laure and I would like to make a free little Frida dress pattern for girls available to download... but let me know what you’d like to do for spring! I feel like you’ve been into decorations lately. I have lots of ideas for moving in, from fringed chandeliers to small furniture to put together yourself... I’ll never have enough room to put it all at our place. Truth is, I’m starting to get tired of office decoration, I feel like you’ve already seen it all and I want to redo everything for the 1st anniversary of the studio. ANYWAYS, lots of bright plans, nothing new under the sun!
Today’s look is inspired by sailors since I was lucky enough to be chosen along with Eleonore Bridge, Natacha Birds and Elsa Muse to tell you about the Petit Bateau and Macon & Lescoy badge collaboration, some gals that I really like! Today I’m wearing Asos oversized navy blue pants from an old collection but this one works well too with this outfit, with a yellow belt from & Other Stories. A yellow coat that I found in a garage sale that doesn’t have a label any more but it’s a nice, chic alternative to a shiny yellow one, otherwise I would’ve worn this! Plus maroon Sarenza boots that I’ve worn out, loving those espadrille wedges!
Hugs and kisses and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say, have a beautiful, sunny weekend! Translated by Whitney Bolin
06 mai, 2016