To end the week on a high note in this burning sun... I’m giving you a little musical surprise... Many of you ask me what am I listening to when I make things... So I’m working on it, I even thought about making a playlist every month, starting soon.

I need to tell you a cute little story... Every time I see my brother he asks me to send him new playlists. It is quite funny because when I go to his place, it’s always my playlists that are tuned. It makes me smile to listen to them again, I can totally picture the spirit I was in when I made them, sometimes euphoric, sometimes serious, sometimes citizen of the world, sometimes completely depressed... Ahahah but this was before I start to make lemonade when things weren’t good!

And then I stopped making them because I don’t have time to look for new things anymore, and I became one of these people that listen to their friends’ iTunes, always ready to use the Shazam app though... And let’s say I have a lover with a huge dj set into his phone. And at home he spoon-feeds me music-wise therefore I don’t do the effort to make my own researches. I let myself drift away but it’s done now, I want to make new playlists not necessarily to make you discover new very refined things but to share with you what makes me happy...

Anyway, enough with my life... I leave it to Ludovic’s playlist, he made it with care just like the recipe actually. Just to make this special week experience complete, here is food for your ears... 

I’m truly delighted about spending this week with you and him... I’m sure you read this book from Anna Gavalda: Hunting and Gathering. I feel like it summarizes well what’s happening lately... Collaborating with new people and their share of creativity to always renew yourself.




L'amour est un oiseau rebelle - DANI, Wax - THEME PARK, the bottle - GIL SCOTT HERON, Flash forward - MISS KITTIN, le poinçonneur des lilas - SERGE GAINSBOURG, golden - JILL SCOTT, Harvest moon - POOLSIDE, Kahimi au téléphone - KARIE KAHIMI, Du bout des lèvres - BARBARA, Talaq - GOOGOOSH et en bonus tracks: If i tell you i love you - Melody Gardot. 

07 juillet, 2013