Happy sunny Monday my kittens!

I have so much fun lately, special weeks are following on one another! And once doesn’t make it a habit, this week is once again a collaboration with somebody I like a lot: Lili! I certainly have to make her portrait through my «the good people» section and I might even do a special week, to be continued... Lili is a heck of a journalist, in charge of the beauty section in an amazing magazine, Le M du Monde... I meet her via the blog, one more wonderful meeting thanks to this little cyberspace... 

A year ago, she came to my place in order for me to make a recipe for her blog «Ma récréation». If you missed her website, it’s time to catch up... It was a sweet meeting that soon became a beautiful friendship, kept up with lunch and dinner with the one I don’t need to introduce anymore, Mai... The dream team.

The genesis of this «ice ice baby» special week go back to one of these famous lunch at Toraya about 2 months ago if I remember well... When desert came in, a sort of splendid mochis, I talk about the 200 ideas coming out of my brain every day. I tell her that since the fashion cakes’ set for Glamour magazine, I really want to start working again on the association cook/fashion and even on cook/beauty... I explain my desire of «nail art» and matching ice creams, but let me be clear not the nail art that makes you blind, no something smart... Anyway I had offered this idea to a magazine but I didn’t get an answer soon enough (the wrapping up of a magazine is really early you know). So I thought that offering a colorful set about nail art and ice cream for September or october would be missing the point completely... 

But never mind  I still really want to make this set and I tell this to Lili, who smiles again and again, who enjoys it behind her smoking tea and who gives me a notebook with an project of set with eskimo pies and manicures... Okay it was crazy we say never mind, let’s do it together for our respective websites. And here we are.  

During this week I will give you one picture a day along with the trade secret of a set like this one... And it will be a time where I tell you a little bit about my work... And my days. 

Warm kisses.




Photograph Camille de Laurens for Ma Récréation and Make My Lemonade . Lemon sorbet made with Seb's Gelato machineIce Swatch Gold and Ela Stone ring from Le Bon Marché. On the nails :  Kerria nail polish from Kure Bazaar. Wallpaper made with cut paper by Lisa Gachet. Nail Art : Yumi Toyama and Sophie A. Model : Djanet Grevet

08 juillet, 2013