My little cats, 

First of all, thank you for all your feedbacks and comments, they are so sweet, I love reading your first cosmetic emotions, it really is a pleasure to see you remember.

During this week I wanted to tell you a little but about my work, my job, the best job on earth to me. The more I think about it, the more I realize that showing you a typical day is extremely complicated... Because every day brings on its daily dose of meeting and surprises. What I love the most is that I have to reinvent my job every single day. 

So how does it go... At the beginning I have a ‘fashion industry and environment’ stylist training, I’ve probably said it already but I have a BTS and a Licence from Duperré. This ‘fashion industry and environment’ particle is the most important to me because, okay I know how to design clothes, jewelry, accessorizes etc. But my training was complete because on top of knowing how to do that, I was taught how to manage a business, how to imagine the setting in which we’d like to see our creations sold, and also how to think about details, from the tag on the clothes to the newsletter we could send to our future customers. Even if all that was quite hazy to me at the time. Today I truly realize everything  that was provided to me. We are not trained to be only stylist but really some kind of swiss army knives. Because in the real life stylist positions are not easy to find, you need to have experience etc. So in the mean time, you can cut your teeth within other areas as much rewarding and complementary even. 

And fortunately there are lots of possibilities for that kind of job in this environment. You can be in charge of the supplies (not the rubbers and pencils for the whole building but more something about the orienting the choice of the designer toward a fabric rather than another etc...), you can be a collection coordinator (the fashion conductor that coordinates the work of the stylists team...), you can have a more technical position such as the person in charge of all the embroideries (conceiving all the drawings and offering new techniques to the designers), the graphic designers (who are in charge of imagining the prints and other serigraphs on the clothes) and there are so many more... And you have to keep in mind that nothing is still, I have as an example my first boss (in a parisian fashion house) trained as a stylist in a great belgian school, who started as a salesman and rose to the top by being with the supplies team then with the one that buys the fabrics until he became the collections director (still in the same house). Well there is no secret, you need dedication and it’s important not to denigrate or neglect the other positions that might open you a few doors. But you need to always keep in mind your first dream and never let it go. 

Today I don’t have (anymore) my own brand (but I’ll come back to that later...), I don’t have a «boss» anymore, I’m my own boss... It isn’t easy, I’m tyrannic with myself but I try to call human resources as little as possible. Anyway today and thanks to the network from the blog, I was able to start my company. So what do I have to offer ? Concretely, what do I do ?

I do some set design. What is the set design ? Well it’s a setting, a window, a series of photographs in a magazine... It’s everything you can find around a product to feature it. 

I do free lance stylist mission for brands. From the sketch to the technical sheet, it is the basis of my training. 

I do Artistic Direction, I manage a global project, I put in place the teams to realize it. I give the general direction of the project and I try to find the best people to realize all these ideas. 

Actually I have a lot of fun and I love my job, even though my boss is very demanding...




Photograph Camille de Laurens for Ma Récréation and Make My Lemonade. Nail polishes Rouge Flore and Macaron by Kure Bazaar. Cherry blossom bracelet Liberty Is My Religion. Wallpaper by Ralph Lauren. Esquimo Pie realized by Lisa Gachet. Manicure Yumi Toyama and Sophie A. 

09 juillet, 2013