Hello my little cats! 

I am delighted about such a nice weather, I was worried to fall through with my Ice Ice baby or Nice cream week... We have a blast with this sublime weather! I have to make a weather forecast recap because it’s been almost a week with such a sublime weather and it is an important fact... My skirts are getting shorter and my blouse transparenter (yes yes), if it keeps going I might do a fan DIY very soon... (ha ha no I’m kidding, please remember and store up the heat for next winter and we’ll talk again about it...)

Today to keep up with this week, I tell you how it works inside my head... I wanted to talk about inspirations. How I develop a project and how it starts... You’ll see that I don’t have any miracle recipe but my two safeties are lists and mood boards... 

Lists because it is my #1 professional satisfaction to do things to then be able to cross them off my list... Happiness isn’t so complicated... And mood boards, the craziest time was when I was at school. There was internet of course but no Pinterest of Tumblr, and my visual researches were only on Flickr, Google images and even in very very ancient search engines: BOOKS. Yes, yes, I photocopied everything. Today I think that if I was in school right now, my inspiration boards would be much richer and more attractive... 

So why «attractive» ? Because at the beginning of a project, to support your ideas at best when you lack words or you cannot express the ideas inside your head... Do it with images. I don’t know who used to say «a little sketch is worth more than a long speech»... Well it is the same with the mood boards and I: when I cannot clearly express what’s in my head and I have to sell the idea to a client, in order for him to find my idea «sexy» and attractive there is nothing more talking than beautiful images. 

It happened to me quite a few times to explain a project I had in mind, that was crystal clear in my head but nobody in the audience was seeing my point. And mood board were my salvation to stop looking like a loony. 

So I don’t care that this image is from another ad campaign or another photo series. Here we are talking about inspiration, escape, and you have to feed your brain to make it understand a concept and digest it in order for YOUR IDEA to come up. It is obvious that we don’t want to copy/paste something else but you have to free yourself from the «we can’t do it because it has already been done» because if we start thinking that way, we don’t do anything. So yes, today this image is very inspired from the Kinfolk magazine that I love but it is «re-interpreted» in order to match our week intention: nail art & ice cream. Moreover I think that if you cite your sources and you’re transparent about your approach, at least regarding the images, people can only thank you.  


Cones-4170 copie


Photograph Camille de Laurens for Ma Récréation and Make My Lemonade. Flowers ice cream inspired by the Kinfolk magazine. Vintage ring Marie Hélène de Taillac, Golden chain around the wrist and medals Marie Hélène de Taillac, Golden bracelet Chic Alors, turquoise bracelet New Look. On the nails :  Fuji (mauve), Sakura (pink), Frenchie (blue) Kerria (yellow), Caicos (green) nail polishes from Kure Bazaar. Nail Art : Yumi Toyama and Sophie A. Model : Lili Barbery-Coulon :) 

10 juillet, 2013