Happy Sunday my darlings, The sun is (almost) back, the days are getting longer and we’re feeling good at the Lemonade Studio! We have tons of great projects coming up, a bunch of crazy ideas... so many that it’s almost impossible, but you know that nothing can stop us! Anyways, today I’d like to tell you about our latest Sephora workshop, and a little birdie told me that a second project is on it’s way. I recommend once again subscribing to the newsletter so you can stay updated, a workshop during the last weekend in June will be online soon!
For our first workshop with a beauty brand, the challenge was to find DIYs that go with the products that the brand was giving to the participants, and the theme was Nail Art... Bejeweled butterflies aren’t quite our cup of tea, we like things a little more subtle, like polka dots... so we came up with a little case to hold all the products, a special manicure box, so that you can keep all of them organized and not lose your nail clippers and nail polish around your apartment. Not to worry, the box DIY will soon be up on the website so that you too can make your own!
We made it using a cardboard base, that we held in place with sewing pins, then to cover it all we offered participants a choice of Wear Lemonade fabrics, the eyelashes were the overall favorite! We thought long and hard about this DIY, questioning the possibility of doing it with 10 participants, there were a lot of steps to making it and sometimes it’s hard for us to judge the difficulty level. But everyone worked very well and fast, we promise to never again underestimate anyone.
Between two DIYs, we had a nice snack break thanks to Fauchon, a workshop sponsor and believe me, it was a real treat, there were so many different colors and flavors! We were then able to continue in a good mood! Sephora also had the lovely Isabelle come over so that each participant left with an amazing, fresh manicure! As a second workshop bonus, Lisa thought out this incredible picture we saw on Pinterest: jewels on a wire and nail polish. Said like that, it doesn’t sound great but I promise that the end result is amazing!
I must admit that I’m not the best at this DIY. Despite hours of practicing, I was only able to make one petal out of five, it was so so frustrating! But after all, I am the Pinata Queen, not the Flower Queen hehe (but I’m secretly practicing at night, I’m going to get it!) Anyways, luckily everyone was much better at this than me, and the girls were able to decorate their hair pins with little flowers!
A big thank you to the entire Sephora team for this lovely workshop, to our Olitax for the great video, to Musicalist for the nice music that goes with it, to Fauchon for the sweet snack and to all the fun participants! Hugs and kisses my darlings, see you soon for more Lemonade adventures and for the box DIY!
12 juin, 2016