Happy Friday 91! Almost 100 street style Fridays! I’m not sure what I’ll do, a sparkly, sequin outfit? Totally yellow? On the moon? Hahaha, I’m trying to think of something surprising, I need to look up some unusual places... to be continued! I still have some time, but I’m already thinking it over! Working on the next collection has put me in such a good mood! Things are moving quite along, we keep having great projects with good people, as you may have noticed, and it’s given me enough energy to move mountains! Last week we did a shoot for the next Wear Lemonade collection, if you follow me on Snapchat you might have gotten a sneak peak... oh yeah, I am on Snapchat. It’s all new to me, I’ve been experimenting. Oh well, if it’s bad at least it’s erased... but it’s still kind of fun, being spontaneous. I feel like I’m 100 writing you this: my username’s makemylemonade, so original, right? Anyways, today’s Happy Friday is a little bit different. Here are 3 (or 4) ways to wear the high­waisted Carlotta shorts! It’s about time that I write a post on Carlotta. Because of it’s little embroidered heart and despite the weather, you went wild over these shorts. All of our inventory disappeared like snow in the sun! Let’s start with the darker version, I think they’re oh­so­chic. I love Ottoman fabric. The material’s like grosgrain ribbon but it’s actually striated fabric, which is pretty rare and complicated to make. A lot of spinners don’t make it anymore but luckily we found a few rolls in stock at one of our suppliers!
make-my-lemonade-happy-friday-carlotta-8I’m wearing the Carlotta shorts, a flowery Zara blouse (current collection), and a Zara jacket from a past collection, with my Louboutin heels.
And here I’m wearing the Wear Lemonade shorts with an Urban Outfitters bodysuit, a black jacket, Jonak ballet flats and a Maxi Tote Bag.
Besides showing you my derriere, I would like to tell you about the navy blue chiné Ottoman version, I think it’s perfect for hot summer days in the city. It’s one piece you can wear to work: with a blouse and blazer, or sexier with a plunging neckline. Be careful not to wear heels and a low neckline at the same time with shorts, it’s kind of like that rule about not wearing lipstick and thick eyeliner... just pick one. Anyways, you shouldn’t need heels to make you legs look longer with these shorts since with the high­waist and flare cut, it makes a perfect optical illusion!
I’m wearing the Chambray version of the Carlotta shorts, a vintage Ana Sui blouse, a pair of Jonak x Wear Lemonade boots and a wicker basket.
Here I’m wearing a gingham top from Jack Wills, a LindyBop jacket, the Wear Lemonade Chambray shorts, and Mellow Yellow wedges.
Showing off my derriere for the second time, here’s a summer version of the Chambray shorts. I can’t wait to go to Lacanau to wear the Carlotta shorts with a one­piece, to go to the beach, layout in my parent’s yard, and drink Spritz with my sister, never taking them off, like a second skin. I love chambray and jeans, we’ve working with these materials since the beginning of Wear Lemonade! The Carlotta shorts in sky blue can be worn as a pirate look with a lace top or as a classy Brigitte Bardot look. But of course, you can wear it any way you like, I can’t wait to see your pictures on social media. By the way, we’re getting some surprises ready for the next collection. Until then, save the date: Falbala, the frilly blouse will be out on Monday! Thanks to Olitax for the pictures and his help getting me dressed in the middle of the 18th arrondissement! See you soon!
17 juin, 2016