Behind this mysterious title you probably recognized Delphine Manivet the famous wedding dresses designer. As you already know, I did not choose a dress she made for my wedding but I really wanted you to discover this wonderful person. She really has her place in our wedding week! I know her work for a long time and I even have the chance to own a black Pierrot dress she drew for her capsule collection with La Redoute. I had the pleasure to meet her during the event Geraldine Dormoy organized to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Café Mode, where Delphine was also a speaker. Her speech was amazing.  I agreed with her about transmission, sharing and French know-how. Between two interventions, I came to see her and told her that I just felt in love with her. She probably thought I was completely crazy but she accepted to give me her email to answer some questions.




I like the way Delphine combines her designer job with her businesswoman and woman lives. For a long time, I did not know what to answer to the question: “Who inspires you?” but now I think she is part of these people. She thinks and believes that we can create things and build a real universe while respecting many values… that are recurring topics in my life right now.

For some years now, I follow with attention and admire Delphine’s work and I could not resist asking her thousands of questions: on the way she creates, get inspired… I liked her honesty, authenticity and passion. I hope I will have other occasions to talk to you about Delphine soon!



- “Important question”: Can you tell us more about your career?

I studied at the Higher Institute specialized in fashion in Paris and I worked for 5 years for big companies before launching my brand.

- “Do it yourself question”: I read somewhere, that you did not find your dream wedding dress so you decided to draw it yourself. What did it look like?

Unfortunately, it does not exist anymore because I used it to realize my first wedding dresses patterns but it is still existing through my dresses. It was a long ivory silk dress and the bustier was covered by old lace. My hair was not really done but I had flowers in it. It was my ceremony dress and at night I wore a jade green Indian sari. 

- “Domino effect question”: How did you know that it was the right time to launch your own brand?

After creating my own wedding dress, I made those of my friends and then those of friends of my friends… and the adventure began. I studied the market, made a loan and realized a first collection. I was very lucky because the press immediatly supported me while I did not know anybody… but with a lot of work and optimism, I realized my dream of creating a small couture house.




- “Notebook question”: How do you draw your creations? Do you make technical drawings or instinctive ones?

I draw all the time because it is what I like the most. I always have some notebooks in my bag it is true. I draw in the metro, in my bed, when I am having lunch. I firstly draw my ideas very quickly and then I do more elaborated sketches that I give to my teams.

- “Transmission question”: Over time, do you think your teams learnt how to read your drawings?

Dylia who works for me for a long time, has the best hands of Paris and she knows me very well. She immediately knows what I want without any explanation. It is very intuitive and then my extraordinary tailors Monette and Anka give life to my drawings.

- “Knowhow question”: Can you tell me more about your famous ‘tissue hem’ and Made in France?

In the design world, to make a ‘tissue hem’ on silk muslin is the most difficult thing to do if you want to have a perfect result. You need at least 7 years to train a good engineer. The beautiful talks time. I fight for years to maintain the knowhow we have in France. It is a choice of excellence and a story I want to communicate to my brides in the whole world.




- “Rolling Stones question”: What is your best satisfaction as businesswoman? Fashion designer? And woman?

Above all, I am the mother of a wonderful 10 years-old little boy and a sweet 7 years-old little girl. They are both also part of the adventure and they inspire me everyday in my businesswoman and fashion designer roles. These are two completely different things but I decided to be both and finally, each role fits very well with the other. My best satisfaction is that I have built a team and succeeded to communicate my dreams.

- “Guidance counselor question”: If you had enough time to learn new things, what would you like to do?

I would love to study in a Faculty of Medicine. I often watch videos on YouTube about open-heart surgeries. I know it is a bit weird but it fascinates me! I would have loved to become a cardiac surgeon.

- “Trick question”: What is the worst gift someone can offer you?

A cookbook because I hate being in a kitchen. I have no talent but I am fond of good food.




- “Memories question”: What is your first dress memory?

It is a trapeze dress made in white cotton with a big embroidered neckline and little pockets that I wore for my first communion when I was 8. I thought it was the most beautiful dress in the world. I still have it… in my daughter’s closet.

- “Peter Pan question”: Which job did you want to do as a kid?

When I was a child, I wrote illustrated stories with a moral at the end as in the fairytales. It found it comforting. I also created little books and my mom kept them all. I thought it was a nice job! 

Bonus question: While visiting your office, I noticed that you did not really like colors. If white was not synonym of wedding anymore, what would be your favorite color?

It is not that I do not like colors but they will never totally satisfy me. For my latest Haute Couture collection, we made lots of trials before finding the red of my birds dress. Colors are more demanding and fascinating. There is only white that leaves me totally in peace.



Pictures by Christophe Roue from Delphine’s latest collection. If I had to organize my wedding a second time, these are clearly my two favorite dresses!

In order to share a bit more of her universe, Delphine offers you the possibility to win 3 books about her work! To win one, you just have to leave a comment below telling me what does you dream wedding dress look like! The winner will be chosen by random on Thursday morning and the results will be announced on this post! I send you big kisses!
And the winners are... Cam, Cyrielle and Alice D. 


Translated by Coralie Clair
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26 octobre, 2015