Hello my little kitties!

I firstly wanted to thank you for the astronomic quantity of love you sent to me these days, it is so good; so good to read you, share all my meetings, DIYs with you and more! THANK YOU for your words about this big event, we are not on a cloud anymore but definitely on the moon since then! I still have so many posts to prepare about the wedding, some tips and things that I have tested. For this reason, you will probably find more posts in the “Wedding” section during the next weeks!

While preparing this post and looking at the pictures for the 200 times, I have no regrets at all concerning the place we chose. This under construction house was not perfect at all but it was the perfect metaphor of the life we are building together. We are constantly evolving, trying to find who we are, building new things and it is always a nice mess but finally these imperfections are so good.

In today’s post, I would like to sum up all the different key points you need to think about, even if some of them are not mandatory. All of them, during their conception and realization have been a real source of inspiration and joy… I hope they will inspire you and give you ideas for your D-Day!




  •  Wedding Planer:

Some of my friends, who got married before me, agreed that it is always better to have some help to organize the D-Day in order to enjoy every moment and not caring about logistics. I can only recommend you to work with someone you have a good feeling with and who understands the vision you have about your wedding. For mine, I was very lucky to work with the wonderful Aurelie C. from Bespoke (and I also recommend her). She is a lovely person and the best organizer!




  • Photographer:

Above all, I really wanted to have a good photographer. After the photoshoot we made with my bridesmaids and Epouse-moi cocotte, I knew I wanted to have the same result for my wedding pictures, like a real story. While talking to Elodie from Un beau jour, she immediately introduced me to Martin from Say Cheers. I met him, we realized some projects together and it was funny because Martin follows Make My Lemonade for a long time and he became naturally the man for the job. Martin, I know I already told you this a hundred times… but you rock.




  • Place, decoration, and tableware: 

I told you about my wedding place researches in my first post but as you can see, the house we found was already crazy. We added some tables and chairs to give a “bar ambiance” to the place with Emmanuelle chairs for the ceremony. We used them for the lay ceremony at the beginning of the day and then to sit in the dinning room. It did not seam to be idealistic but finally it was very instinctive. I also wanted to play on the contrast between the modern house and the vintage tableware.




  • Flowers:

For the flowers, it has been a real pleasure, discover and amazing initiation because I have never created bouquets before. I am lucky because I have always known what I wanted and I had a precise idea of it. As the dresscode was about the different shades of blue, I did not want to have my bouquets to be blue too and it is not very easy to find natural blue flowers… I decided to create neutral bouquets with white and green colors and some touches of grey/bleu (I used thistles for that). I had the chance to meet Arthur and Clement, the two guys who launched the Bloom's concept I talked to you about, these past weeks.




  • Caterer:

It is another emblematic point. For the food, I really wanted to have a food truck but it was very expensive so a bit complicated. Thanks to our wonderful wedding planner, we discovered Claire and Jerome! I talked to you about them few days ago but I can assure you that it was so delicious! By the way, I talked to Claire (the founder of Twenty Peas) about your remarks concerning the gluten free burger bread recipe and she gave me more precisions so I edited the post! If you are not getting married soon, you can still have launch at their place!

  • Twenty peas, 59 rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris.
  • The Little Twenty peas, 6 Rue Treilhard, 75008 Paris.




  • Wedding cake:

I do not know why but I was particularly interested in the wedding cake topic. I did not really care about the veil and the garter but I dreamt about this dessert. I was really excited about this cake and few months ago, I wrote the portrait of the lovely Lauren from Popelini. She gave us her secret recipe to make lemonade cream puffs and I rapidly discovered that they also make wedding cakes! The flavors of the cream puffs were: black sesame, rose, vanilla and praline. I also gave them the theme of our wedding: under the moon and I did not expect to see this huuuuge moon! Everybody loved it!

  • Popelini wedding cake and little treats: 29 rue Debelleyme, 75003 and 44 rue des martyrs 75009 Paris.




  • Music and lights:

For the music, I am very lucky because my wonderful friends from Radiooooo (I already talked to you about them here) took care of it and it was magic! I would like to thank you for sending us all your love and happiness songs. We completed the WILL YOU MARRY ME playlist! You are more than 600 subscribers so do not hesitate to send us your wedding songs (ball, church, district office, lay ceremony).




  • Dress and costume:

Few months ago, I told you that I was scared to spill wine on my dress and I created the “plan B” dress, the famous Lolita from Wear Lemonade! This dress has been my plan A for the district office ceremony. One week before the wedding, I sewed it with Laure’s help. I was really nervous because I did not want to make mistake… For the second day, I wore this Tara Jarmon glittery dress. I knew it would be easier to clean it. Thomas wore a bespoke Sanson costume. He was really happy to have the perfect costume just made for him. I also found him some full moon cufflinks on Etsy.




  • Lay ceremony and wedding rings:

For the ceremony, you have been so many to ask me what was it about… Actually it is very simple: it is a ceremony in which our friends, witnesses and family spoke. They prepared a speech and a friend coordinated everything. No one read an extract of the Little Prince or a gospel; it was all about anecdotes on us and our love. We laughed and cried so much and we finally exchange our wedding rings. At this moment, for me, we were really getting married in front of people we love!




  • Surprises:

Obviously, during the wedding, there were unexpected moments, surprises and it was crazy! Our witnesses and bridesmaids created a tepee in which you could find a camera ready to record some messages to wish us a nice honeymoon! It was so nice!




  • Stationary and guests' gift:

Another important part for us was the stationary and the guests’ gifts in order to bring a piece of the party at home. I talked to you about it here!




I hope you liked these special weeks! I am preparing a post about “what a bride can do to have fun before the wedding” that is coming soon. For those who may be interested, on the 7th of November, there is the Andy dis moi oui wedding festival at the Bastille Design Center in Paris if you need to find inspiration but also people you may want to work with. I send you big kisses!

Translated by Coralie Clair
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27 octobre, 2015