Hello my littles cats !

I’m going through a rough patch, nothing bad but not so easy anyway, I’m calling it: the wait...  Wait for my baby book to be here, I’m waiting for my website to be translated, I’m waiting for my new design to be ready (normally at the beginning of June, so as the book and the translation...) and I’m waiting for June, because during this month my projects will be out, the ones I’m dying to talk to you about, but there is an embargo on them right now... Yes I know, I tried to sneak it like that but the book will be a little late, I am as disappointed as you are but it’s getting ready and beautiful, and with all these bank holidays it’s not easy to be on time... Anyway, the wait is long and I’m stamping, I’m counting the days like a kid before christmas or his birthday...

So instead of spending my days saying that I’m dying for all these things to happen or «I can’t wait anymore», I’m using this time usefully. Yes because to add up to the wait, I want to get better, to learn how to use new tools to retouch pictures, I want to put my touch on my pics. And on the top of that I’d like to understand the language of the internet with html codes and other stuffs to maximize my website. I have desires of progress but I know it will need some time. So I suffer in silence because I grope and I learn, it’s both awesome because I’m going to bed every night a little less dumb and frustrating because I’m not learning as fast as I’d like to... I’m on it... It’s like I absolutely had to finish decorating my office before actually work in it, as if the choice of a pencil cup would determine the quality of my future work (no, I’m not crazy I’m sure you see my point...)

So here I am, drawing to relax myself, I draw my new buddies... My winning trio of the moment, for my shooting days and other urban adventures, I’m wearing my biker boots Sendra, leather sleepers that seem tireless, they are strong and comfy, really a good catch (and the must, they are hand-crafted, yeah I’m showing off a little bit...). Then there is my favorite, the winner of comfort and cuteness, these derbies Clotaire imagined by my friend Violaine  (I need to talk to you about her soon because she is soo cool) and by her associate Elsa, this little brand revolutionize the world of kids shoes, because of the quality of these leather shoes first and because of their price as well... Amen. And a must, Clotaire also makes 37, 38, 39... Alleluia ! GO for it ! And finally my colorful stiletto because femininity is really important, after I played Lucky Luke and Le Petit Nicolas for a day I like wearing my favorite Mellow Yellow (ok, I have a pair of flats in my bag...), just to not forget I’m a woman as well...

 See you tomorrow my kittens ! 


09 mai, 2013