You crazy people ! 

A few days after the launching of «the beast», it was already sold out in several stores! But no worries, it’s been restocked! 

I’m back with you, I grant myself a little week of vacation (ha ha) if only... I moved from on crazy day to another to prepare the launch of Make My Party, this is done, I received dozens of pictures of you with your book it is soo nice, it gives me shivers everywhere! I wanted to share this press launch with you but also to show you a little bit more than that, and I was waiting impatiently for the Eyrolles editions x Etsy video about the Craft Night to be done before posting this article. And since life is good, I celebrated my 25-years birthday last night... And Make my party had the place of honor again. 

How can I explain that I’m risking the love overdose (I don’t think it’s possible) but I feel like I’m going to explode with gratitude and I wanted to show you all this because it was crazy, a titanic work, a great dose of stress... But so much happiness, to work with a team, to meet you and to receive your feedback! THANK YOU



The launch with the press and blogs was on last thursday at Le Purgatoire, 54 rue Paradis, (THANK YOU Alain for your help, and your welcoming). I advise you to go and visit his very beautiful website, and particularly his place if you’re around, but I’ll talk again about Alain one day... 




 One more surprise, my mum made the trip to Paris for the occasion, and of course it won’t hurt for once I shed a tiny tear... MERCI maman. You are never really prepared to see ALL (or almost all) of the people you love in the same place. For me, fatigue, love and stress are making me sensitive... No actually I’m OVER sensitive and this situation didn’t work in favor of my eyeliner... 



How I love this picture! I’m telling you my life a little here, I just show you my mum! I know, I know... No worries our old habits will be back on monday... Cook, apron, DIY and scissors and a lot more! If you want to see more pictures of the launch you can go on this facebook album!  



And I wanted to say a special THANK YOU to the Etsy team who nailed it on monday’s craft night (the 17th), it was pure madness, smiles, sweet words, snips of scissors, flowers in your hair, ink pads and many more surprises... THANK YOU to Claire, Lucille, Anne Solange, Elodie and Capucine !



Thank you to Tania for this great video... I’m fulfilled... I only know one thing to write and it’s THANK YOU, I’m knocking on wood and I wish all these crazy things to keep happening to me... In the meantime I have ambitions for this blog, huge desires! And lots of things to say, I will soon be back on a «machine mode»... The design is almost done, the header isn’t the finale one at all (it will surprise you) but the temporary one was not okay at all, so I made a compromise but it will be MAD!




And as a bonus, I got a big surprise party with all my friends... Dressed up as the «L» letter: lance pierre, petit Lu, Léon, Lampe (!), loustic, licorne and so on*... And a SUBLIME make my party cake... Thank you my love, thank you my friends, thank you my family, I love you so mucj... And thanks to you I take some vacations but I will also treat you... To be continued!

* in the same order: slingshot, butter biscuit, Léon, light, joker, unicorn... 



21 juin, 2013