Hello everyone! Every time I talk hair with you, I feel like it’s a topic that makes crowds go wild. I already told you about all my hair incidents in a previous post: remember (I look like I’m 14 in this picture!). I’ve already done everything possible, or almost everything, and my last mistake was to color my hair twice in a row with a cheap supermarket dye... When it was time to color it again, it fell out, split at the root. So I wasn’t looking too good, like a Chia Pet.
Since then I haven’t dyed my hair much, only with Fred and the number of times that’s happened can be counted on one hand. So I wasn’t really up to doing it myself, at home, where I had several not­so­fun memories in mind. When Casting Crème Gloss asked me to collaborate on a project with them, I was ready to let loose on one condition: that Christophe Robin, the brand’s hairdresser, would show me step by step the joys of coloring your hair at home. And he said: yes! Oh happy day!
Christophe Robin is so nice and such a good teacher who can tell you about DIY coloring better than anyone! I’ll admit... I kind of fell in love with this guy and his openness... I admitted I was hesitant and afraid to choose the wrong color, since I’m far from being a beauty addict, but he picked out a warm color, Chocolat Ganache (reference 525) that brightened my natural color that’s been a little dull this winter. What won me over in more than 20 minutes of setting is the really natural look of this color.
Hallelujah, I think that this has awoken a capillary monster inside of me, I’m trying to be good but I think I already want to change styles for this spring, stay tuned! Translated by Whitney Bolin
16 janvier, 2016