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Happy friday! I still have surprises for you on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! Meanwhile here is the shu uemura DIY... Because to me this brand is not only crazy colors sublime textures but false eyelashes that are each one more incredible than the next one. I’ve been wearing «easy to wear» eyelashes that I cut and put on the extern corners of my eyes for a long time... I love when people stare at me and say «But, are you wearing false eyelashes ?» he he yes and I love it, I have so many that I don’t dare to wear because seriously... I mean just as much I can go out in the street dressed in a way so colorful that every people that I meet looses a tenth on each eye... I don’t risk - talking about eye - any eccentricity in terms of hairiness ? Hairs ? Eyelashes?

Anyway I love it, the crazy false eyelashes, but they stay quietly in their box in the back of my bathroom... So since I never wear them and I love them so much, I decided to transpose them... As decoration, yes everything’s fine. You’ll see, it’s absolutely simple but you need to suit all tastes and the next DIY will be a little bit more complicated... I’d rather spare you this week! 

Love and see you tomorrow!


DIY cils 1


To make this two mini DIY, you will need:

  • Frames with some depth, they’re really good at HEMA’s,
  • False eyelashes, let’s get your collections THANK YOU ludovic, here they are shu uemura’s!
  • Green glue, a pair of tweezers and a black fine marker, 
  • A white sheet of paper and/or a portrait of somebody with her eyes closed. 

 To start with, take the pair of tweezers and gently take the false eyelashes out of their box.


DIY cils 2


Firmly hold your false eyelashes with your tweezers and put a little bit of glue on both ends.




Glue your eyelashes on a white sheet of paper. You can previously put some marks on the white sheet (here the distance between the eyes is 2,5 cm). Adjust the false eyelashes so they have nice curves, you need to do it quickly before the glue dries completely.




Keep gluing your false eyelashes height-wise, the distance between two pairs here is 3,2 cm. Once your sheet is full leave to dry for a few minutes.




With your fine marker write at the top center of your sheet, either in french or in english... I feel completely bilingual lately «Today I feel...» or «Aujourd’hui je me sens...», and under each pair of false eyelashes, write a mood matching what they evoke to you... «Sexy, bitchy, in love, crazy, discreet...»




Put the photo-mount on top of your sheet and slide the lot into your frame! And TA-DA! It’s really important that your frame is deep enough to avoid crushing your false eye-lashes...




As for me, it sits in my living room... But I think it’s a good gift idea for a beauty addict... Or, we never think of that enough but for the ones who are lucky enough to have a big bathroom, it can be a nice wink (yeah yeah false eyelashes/wink, I’m on top!)




We keep going with a little DIY bonus... With short false eyelashes or some that you’d formerly cut, put a little bit of glue on them.




Put them on the closed eyes of your picture... Here it is my mum when she was 20, I love this picture... Leave it to dry a few minutes. Put the photo-mount.



Put the picture and the mount into your frame, and TA-DA! Ready to be placed! It wasn’t so complicated, was it ?


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05 juillet, 2013