My White Chocolate Bunnies,


I think that Dieu Météo (or the weather forecast God) heard my prayer from last night because it was sunny today and light came through my windows in my apartment ! Okay okay, it was like -12°C outside but still, it was a good start! I really want to keep going on that sunny path (C’mon Mrs Weather Forecast, a bit more effort!), I want to celebrate Spring like everyone else, I want to roll about on fresh grass, I want to make crown out of daisies, I want to drink liters of beer lemonade by the Canal St Martin... All of it ! Okay maybe I am asking for too much but I’m sure that with as little as one hour outside a café each day (a girl has her needs) I’ll have more energy and resources to do whatever I want. I don’t know about you but I have this feeling of running out of time all the time and the minute I take a break, the guilt is already sitting there... Also I feel like my holidays were such a long time ago already, too long ago maybe ? And during the few months that are between us (my next holidays and I), I don’t really see anything that I could come with to release a little pressure. If I can be completely honest with you the thought of the moment is «I dream about a morning where I’d wake up completely refresh and rested...». So I need you and your tricks to take care of you when everything around you is crazy!? Homeopathy, grandmothers’ recipes, marabout spells or fish pedicures... I’ll take anything from you ! 




Today, I will be a sexy housebreaker: I like the mix of an american apparel hat (+ a pair of clip-on earrings from Reine Rosalie clipped on the hat) and a regular classic Uniqlo black sweater that is sooo warm, with the crazy Tutu, the polka dots tights from Gambettes Box and the lovely Mellow Yellow heels. By the way, heels that you can find on this fabulous new place: La Very Sexy Shoes Boutique from Sarenza, which is an AWESOME best of of the dizziest, the most charming, the most beautiful shoes ever... But you know what ? Do NOT go there, the temptation would actually be too much and you will end up hating me... Or at least your bank account would... (Sorry).

29 mars, 2013