Hello to all you little lemons! First of all, wow! What a nice welcome for this new collection, it really warmed our hearts! We were questioning a lot of things these past few days but that’s the way we work, and it’s difficult to imagine doing it differently, so it’s great to read such positive feedback! This year we’ll always launch new items in two rounds, since in the end we have so much to tell you, I thought it would be best for everyone and make the fun last!
So get out your sewing machines, the flowy Wanda trench coat is here! This model isn’t particularly difficult, it’s like the Nina except it uses a lot of fabric. I mean, it’s not always easy to handle so much fabric for your first sewing project, but that’s the only bad thing! It’s a great piece to work on and the results show very quickly! There’s no lining but only some bias, meters of bias... the reason why there isn’t a lining is so that your trench coat has a very loose, stylish look, but this doesn’t mean that the interior finishings should be forgotten! Polish off the insides of your trench with colors or motifs so that each time you wear it will be a party! The wait is over, here’s this new year’s step­by­step, remastered video!
Here are several things about this pattern:
  • You can buy the sewing pattern in its beautiful packaging with the instructions booklet and its little tag here for 14,90 euros.
  • You can download the PDF version of the pattern for 2,99 euros with the sewing booklet now included! Take a look here to see the page layout. The pattern can be printed on A4 or US letter size paper.
  • The difficulty level of this pattern is: “don’t worry, be happy”, you won’t be alone, I promise
  • For this trench coat, plan on using 3,5m (for the biggest sizes) of fabric that’s 1m40 wide (the classic width for a bolt of fabric). A little bit of thermo binding interfacing for the four parts of the collar. We suggest you make this coat with cotton gabardine or a heavy crepe fabric, or wool for the end­of­winter weather or even in a light canvas denim fabric.
  • Lots of bias, have fun choosing something that contrasts with the fabric!
  • A little reminder, because it’s always good to take note: in all the Wear Lemonade patterns, the sewing value is included in the pattern, and the value is: one centimeter!
  • And if you’re having a problem, please don’t hesitate to write Laure, the queen of patterns at l​
And like at home, we haven’t stopped wanting to perfect things all the time, we’re thinking of how to improve our sewing booklet, so if you have any comments, now’s the moment to tell us everything because it’s also for you, behind your computers and sewing machines, who are doing all the work! Starting next month I think you’ll be seeing some big surprises on the site, especially for those that love sewing... hugs and kisses, let us know what you think! Translated by Whitney Bolin
31 janvier, 2016