t’s here! Today the new Wear Lemonade collection is available for pre­order! This month, as we were saying yesterday, we want to do things differently. For this collection, we’ve decided to make it available for pre­order for 15 days in order to perfect our production process and to better meet your needs, because yes, we now size up to XL! This is a big step for us, even if it should seem normal to clothe all shapes and sizes, we’re a small business and any changes can be a huge mountain to climb! So you can now order* starting today and get in two weeks your trench coat, sweatshirt, or scarf (or go crazy and get all three) in your mail box, perfect for the upcoming warmer weather! This is a very special event since these are the pieces that will define our production for the rest of the year.
So today is the moment to adopt the Wanda trench coat, the Polka sweatshirt and the Dalida scarf! Oh yes, three different items! Never fear, you aficionados of DIY, the Wanda pattern will be online tomorrow at noon, the pattern packaging, the downloadable PDF, and the step­by­step video! I’ll start by introducing you to the Wanda trench coat. We designed it following our craziest dreams, because it’s been awhile since we’ve been looking for the perfect fit for a good, flowy basic in vibrant colors. You know how much I love blue, but I wanted to take a risk with a beautiful, audacious, deep red: our “bouche mordue” red. I’m a fan of heavy fabric, that makes a sound when you put it on and I love its long (but not too long) length (all you petite sizes out there know what I’m talking about). It has a shawl collar and is fully lined with a matching bias. It’s made in Lyocell and cotton, a mix that you may know as Tencel. It’s a very soft and flowy natural material. If it gets wadded up in your suitcase, just hang it up for a few hours and it will be good as new. What more could you ask for?
make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-diy-trench-wanda-wear-lemonade-save-the-date-1 Now a word on the Polka; it’s the new favorite at the Lemonade Studio and we hope it’ll become your 2016 uniform! It’s the little brother of the Mia “mon petit chat” sweatshirt, it was just lengthened by 5cm. This time, the sweatshirt doesn’t have anything written on it but instead has 18 embroidered dots, our special little Wear Lemonade touch! We all can’t wait to get ours!
And then the Dalida... we’ve been wanting our own scarf for a while, but not just any scarf: we wanted it made out of the best materials and most of all to be XXL, because as you know, we think big, so it’s a silk 140cm x 140cm square! In an exclusive print pattern on a silk selected with care. This last little item is soft and light as a feather, and will help you with even bolder hair styles (there maybe some tutorials coming up?) but it could also be worn around your waist to knot your Wanda trench coat...

Photography Pauline Darley - Make Up Madmoiselle Mu

To sum it up:
  • Wanda is 149 euros and available for pre­order from XS to XL in blue (“de tes yeux”) and red (“bouche mordue”)
  • Polka is 79 euros and available for pre­order from XS to XL in grey with black polka dots and gray with white polka dots (it’s a hard to choose!)
  • Dalida is 69 euros and available for pre­order, one size fits all, measuring 140cmx140cm (very limited availability)
  • And just for the release, if you decide to get the foulard and the trench, don’t forget that with the code LEMONADEDUO, the ensemble will be 199 euros... have fun shopping and see you tomorrow for some sewing!
*pre­order starting today to be sure to get your items because our fabric stocks are limited... Translated by Whitney Bolin
30 janvier, 2016