Hello my lemons! The time has come, tomorrow part of the collection will be available for preorder on the Wear Lemonade e­shop! I obviously can’t keep it a secret anymore, I want to talk to you about this collection that’s so special to me, to us. It’s the first collection of the year and because of that we want to do things differently. For this “Can’t take my eyes off you”collection, we wanted to choose noble, soft, beautiful materials. To really focus on the fits and details in order to provide different clothing that you can’t find elsewhere, that you know where they come from and how they were made.
Thinking about it, I realize that I’ve never told you: we work directly with our manufacturers, there isn’t a middle man between the hands and hearts that create the design and you that wear them... Well, yes, we still are actively taking part, taking care of photos, quality control, trying the products and preparing your orders. Cutting out the middle man is also the reason why we can offer you different styles, that aren’t found everywhere, inexpensively, because between us and you clothes, no one charges the price on the tags. Today we are, and plan on staying, the only distributor of Wear Lemonade.
Why am I telling you this? Because this year, we only want to work with the best materials and to select only the fabrics that we absolutely love. So that when you hold them at home, you’re happy. Of course, it will have an influence on the price but once again, I think it’s important to keep in mind that we aren’t textile industry giants and that in addition to charging fair prices, we carefully choose the materials used and that conditions in which your clothes are made.
Even if we’re like a little fish in this industry’s big pond, I’m positive we can inspire changes. I think it’s very complicated to make 100% Green fashion, because as real lovers of “Fashion” at the Lemonade Studio, there are materials that we love but are very difficult to trace and check up on their origins. Even if we use organic cotton, the carbon footprint to transport it to our factories would be huge, so unfortunately I’m afraid that things aren’t always perfect AND affordable. They will nevertheless still be made with love through a process the most fair possible, for you as well as our partners.
This January we went as a lemon delegation to Macedonia and Portugal, to check up on our productions and meet the makers of your clothes. Our factories were recommended to us and accepted to be our partners because our productions are made in very limited series. But I’m convinced that our models are fun for them! It really was an incredible experience to meet these people, to see the family business with Rudy and their children, Andrej, Vladimir, Persida and Tiago, Anna, Marlien and of course all the men and women that make it possible.
make-my-lemonade-diy-do-it-yourself-wear-lemonade-2 Voici un aperçu de la nouvelle collection et des pièces qui vont arriver très prochainement sur le e-shop ! Je voudrais remercier Pauline Darley de continuer à nous accompagner pour ces shootings photos, qui sont toujours pour nous la cerise sur le gâteau ! Merci à Nelly de Make My Beauty et à Patrice Delaroche de l'atelier 21 pour avoir sublimé la douce Anne Lise. Merci à Olitax pour ce film de folie, et pour son courage aérien. Merci à Rudy d'avoir été notre guide, et merci à Tiago et Anna pour leur accueil. Et un grand merci à Laure pour sa persévérance. Également un grand merci à The Nodz pour la musique et à pour le tapis !  
Here’s a sneak peek of the new collection and the pieces that will soon be up on the e­shop! I’d like to thank Pauline Darley for continually accompanying us on photo shoots, it always makes our day! Thanks to Nelly from Make My Beauty and Patrice Delaroche from l’atelier 21 for having done up the lovely Anne Lise. Thank you, Olitax for this amazing video, and for his aerial bravery. Thanks, Rudy, for being our guide and thanks, Tiago and Anna, for your warm welcome. And a big thanks goes to Laure for her perseverance. A big thanks to The Nodz for the music and to for the rug!
make-my-lemonade-diy-do-it-yourself-wear-lemonade-4   Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
29 janvier, 2016