Happy sunday my pumpkins,

This is a little deco selection special office, you’ll see that some things are not quite adjustable to a firm life... But the truth is that I do (almost) everything in my office starting with making-up, you’d tell me it’s a mission like any other and it certainly is the one I undertake every morning. My office is next to a window and it is a joy to see yourself with a natural light... Because I think that having a window in your bathroom in Paris is quite impossible, I exile myself into my office and so far I’ve been making-up with a pocket mirror... But with real light ! I am completely fascinated by women who manage to make-up in the subway! It’s already something to go out of your home with no make-up and well done to know how to put mascara without caring about everyone looking at you... I don’t see it as shamelessness but more as high-wire act to succeed to make-up with the green neon light of the RATP, it’s like... The job of a life! Anyway I came here to talk about deco... While waiting to write a post about office decoration, I perfect my wish list of the things I dream about to take pictures of my home sweet home. 


wish list bureau


Because it is important to have a flowered office, I found these amazing magnifying glass vases on a new awesome website the cool republic, little idea for Mother Day... Just saying. 1. Big bloom vase 32€ via the cool republic. It’s not really an office light but it’s nice to create an atmosphere, and here at home we are obsessed with owls... 2. Owl light UO 40€. I received an email from the designer Juliette Beaupin, you need to go to see the nice things this girl offers... Careful, mad love for this chair that would just be perfect in my office... 3. Vintage chair renovated by Juliette 165€ Juliette Beaupin. This is a wink to those who know me since I had a similar phone for years, I sprayed it consecutively with neon pink pain, then with turquoise paint and I ended up sticking tiny strass on the buttons... I don’t know where it is by the way... 4. Beige retro phone 59,90€ Fleux. And the object of all my desires that would be so perfect on my desk for my make-up session... 5. Mirror Y’a pas le feu au lac via the cool republic again. And to finish with I can’t wait to spend my lunch break reading the last book of Margaux Motin which I’m sure will make me cry with laughter. Just the cover... 6. La tectonique des plaques Margaux Motin 22,95€.

And only for you I’m giving you a preview of my office... You can find these paper lanterns and alveolus balls at Alix’s sous le lampion, an Aladin’s cave (and the little furniture I found it in the street so not link available...) Kisses, see you tomorrow!



12 mai, 2013