Happy Tuesday honeys ! 

The other day, a friend made the remark that I never did «so beautiful» cakes that «looks so good» anymore. It was really nice and I felt super attacked like: 

«What! I don’t do recipes anymore ?!! Do you think it’s easy to have 12 good recipe ideas a week ? I don’t have any baking training, it’s not that easy, I am a designer you know mister! 

Really, I’m the type to take everything to heart a little bit too much, I’m always «flying off the handle» (as my sister would say)... And then I put things into perspective and I thought that if he was making the remark, other people should think the same way. I took my time because I’m not a machine, I needed to digest the information and I wasn’t going to make a recipe just to make a recipe you know...

I needed to get my desire back and also the crème pâtissière Modjo. Everything is all right,

no-one died, it was more something like an hibernation of the electric whisk... You know I am not the kind of person to force things if inspiration doesn’t come, I’m not going to push it, I grab a pair of shoes and go see what’s going on outside to clear my head... Inspiration always shows up when I’m not looking for it... Try it and you’ll see !

To make 6 passionate cream puff you will need (it’s called religieuse in french, but it’s not the real recipe, it’s only the shape that is the same... The rest of it isn’t so catholic, but not étouffe-chrétien (stodgy) for a bit don’t worry...) :




For the Genoise:

  • -  3 eggs,
  • -  90 g of flour,
  • -  100 g of sugar,
  • -  30 g of melted salted butter,
  • -  1 passionfruit,
  • -  25 cl of passionfruit juice.

 For the filling and the decoration:

  • -  25 cl of very cold whipping cream
  • -  75 g of light philadelphia (thanks God it exists!)
  • -  80 g of powdered sugar (what do you mean it cancels everything?)
  • -  2 baskets of physalis
  • -  A handful of kumquats (Oh the need of exoticism!)




I discovered a trick to make a very light Genoise on this crazy blog that you might already know: Je veux être bonne.com... You need to put a big volume of hot water into a dish, a sort of bain-marie that you wouldn’t put on the stove... In your regular mixing bowl beat the eggs, when your mix is frothing put the bowl into the hot water dish and add the sugar, beating at full power. The mix is ready when it reaches room temperature and you have some sort of beaks or mini-stalactites on the beater. Put the bowl out of the water, add the sieved flour and the melted butter, and gently mix with a rubber spatula. Finally add the passionfruit flesh, it will bring some crunch to your finale cream puff. Distribute the mix into the muffin molds and the half-sphere silicon molds (previously oiled). Put in your well warmed oven for 20 minutes at 180°C.

In the meantime, get to the Chantilly... In a mixing bowl pour the very cold whipping cream and beat it energetically, as soon as the cream starts to take add the powdered sugar. When your Chantilly is ready, add the philadelphia and keep it aside.

 Once your cakes cooked and cooled, cut them widthwise into two pieces. And with a silicon brush soak the cakes with the passionfruit juice. Garnish your cream puffs with the physalis cut into fine slices, add a tablespoon of Chantilly on top and close the lot. On the top of you muffin add a teaspoon of Chantilly then your little genoise dome and finish with half a kumquat! And enjoy ! 



14 mai, 2013