TUTO : Embroidered banner

Here is a DIY "gift idea" for Christmas! A felt banner, to make for your cousin.e, sister, buddy or beloved colleague and have the pleasure of hearing "whaa but you made it?!"

Very easy to make, a little precision and patience are the only qualities needed, but I promise, nothing too complicated. 

👉Forthis DIY you need:

  • our model printed in A3 or 2x A4

You can of course also make your own lettering, go for it! 

  • a fabric for the background, a3 size (optional)
  • a piece of fabric for the back if you want to double it
  • felt of different colors
  • glue (here classic green glue)
  • tassel braid, or any braid you like 🙂
  • scissors
  • pins, a sewing machine
  • an erasable felt-tip pen
  • a scalpel or cutter + a cutting mat or a piece of cardboard
  • small stickers or masking tape

👉How todo :

Start by printing this file of drawn shapes, in A3. Cut out all the letters and patterns (be careful, there are 3 different sizes of leaf patterns). It may be necessary to print the file in 2 copies in order to have everything.

Please don't throw away your sheet once you've cut it all out, it will serve as a guide! 

Then trace the patterns one by one on the felt with the erasable marker, each in the desired color. To get the colors we used, you can print out this file which is the complete version.

Cut out any shape! ✂️

Now take what's left of your cut sheet and place it on the fabric, this is the trick to getting all your pieces in the right place! Use the holes you made when you cut it out to mark where you want to place the pieces with stickers or masking tape. Take a picture so you know where the stickers fit, get out your sheet and go! 

You can now coat the back of the first element with glue, place it, and proceed in this way for each of them, one by one. 

Feel free to measure the spacings with a ruler if you want accurate positioning, since everything is to the same scale as on your model 🥰

This one will also help you to put the letters straight.

Optional: if you want to double the background, cut a fabric with the same dimensions (here, a simple black fabric), place it right sides up with your banner, pin on 3 of the sides, stitch at 1cm, leaving one side open. 

Gently turn over, fold the hem inward on both sides of the open side, pin, stitch at 0.5cm, and voilà! 

Now pin your braid all around your banner, edge to edge. Carefully stitch 0.5cm from the edge to secure the braid: if you are not used to the sewing machine, you can do this part by hand with small stitches. 

You can sew a ribbon on the back so you can hang it up, or leave it as is.

And ... TA-DA!!! 💜