Happy Tuesday birdies, 

There are some times where I feel frustrated, where I’d like to do « more » on this blog in order to make it a kind of guide of original looks. Well, guide is a strong word because I’m not the master of the good taste nor free for making a « fashion faux pas ». It happens, but let’s relax it remains clothes, we take them off and keep looking. And it’s also my job to be a stylist, and also quite the goal of a fashion blog, don’t you think ? Okay, this website is not just that but sometimes I wish I had a collection of great looks to re-use when I buy a beautiful piece of clothes, a good basic, and I feel like it might also be your case.

I talked about that to my friend Charlotte E, the photographer of Make my party (but not only!). We thought it’d be cool to image a collection of animated gifs to keep into our computer, a scan of an outfit to re-use… A new look section, different from the famous happy friday one. This will be a monthly rendez-vous here. So don’t hesitate to tell me about your look desires. Today, we’re going to talk about the tuxedo, next month the perfecto and then, what would you want to see?




Look #1: The classic… I’m wearing a pants and jacket Comptoir des cotonniers tuxedo, a blouse with a shirt collar COS with a grosgrain knot tie, it simply is a silk ribbon found at the Shindo notions store. A little cat bag that you can DIY from here, Georgia Rose shoes, a Pauline Dröm head band. 




Look #2: The boyish… I’m wearing a pants et jacket Comptoir des cotonniers tuxedo, a classical denim shirt Asos, a vintage hat but you can find a similar one here, an Erotokritos « home » bag in which I keep my whole life and a Topshop necklace, and also Georgia Rose shoes that I customized via this DIY...




Look #3: The casual… I’m wearing a pants and jacket Comptoir des cotonniers tuxedo, a blouse with a « Pierrot » collar & Other Stories, un grey sweatshirt Asos, a Make My Lemonade bag that will be available soon (haaaaa), and Sonia Rykiel shoes, a Next hat and Reine Rosalie earrings.

26 novembre, 2013