My kitties, 

It’s about time I write this article, really, because if things go well I will have an office far from my home in 2014 and that is a great new because I have to say that there are some days where I don’t go out and I find it a little scary. In the meantime, to make the « I have to work at home » task a little bit more fun, I rearranged a room just for me where it’s nice to be and work. I meet myself there every morning at 9.30 and that’s where I can « torpedo » the space. Before that I didn’t really have a room for myself, I’d spread into the living room, the lobby and even the bedroom, it was my way of marking territory. I’m kind of a tornado, I « vandalize » the space I’m in. When said like that it can be scary but I’m sure you see what kind of person I can be… So since I started my own business, I was lucky enough to be able to « lemonadize » a room of my little home. Let me show you…




Living with a unconditional of uncluttered lines and white walls, I wanted my « office » to look a little bit more like me, and I think that year after year, yellow and pink are the colors that made a prominent place into the list of my desire. I find them daring and fresh as a decoration choice, completely unexpected and yet awesome. I remember a while ago I found the Broken Arm store and in the basement, they have a yellow mustard carpet, that is just perfect (not easy to keep clean but so beautiful). So it’s quite naturally that I chose this pink (Calamine) and yellow (Babouche) from Farrow & Ball for the most curious of you. On this image you can also see the first two boxes of the designer box, I highly recommend it, I found the concept ingenious and original for the design lovers on a budget. No need to take a subscription, you can buy your box one by one and even see them in real currently at the Bon Marché… And besides the signed object you have inside, I am fan of the packaging in which I store all my inks and other paints…




Little detail on the wall, swallows found at the Pop Market 50 rue Bichat in le 10th district, Jielde vintage light and paper lantern available on Alix’s awesome website Sous le lampion. Other close-up of my shelves with the most beautiful yellow butterfly given to me for my 25th birthday by my sweet Lili.




Here is the « inspiration » corner, it is quite the place where I curl up in the morning to do my pinterest round and my daily reading of blogs and other websites, where I drink my tea while scratching the belly of Frida the cat… I fell in love for this chair, I found it sublime, I loved it at first sight, at first click even. « Click » because it comes from the website, concept founded in London by 3 design passionates that wanted to generalize beautiful and Creative furniture, with a capital C to the most people. So they cut off expenses and intermediaries between designers and consumer. The delivery takes a little bit more time than usual because the website gather the orders together before sending the production. But it’s worth the wait! It’s so beautiful!

The covering up a piece of furniture with cork scale DIY will be around here very soon…




My inspiration wall… I guess you’ve seen this view on Pinterest a great number of time and I dreamed about it when I went to NY I brought clipboard from Staples at 0,90$ each, it would have been stupid to go without them and I screw them to the wall… Another detail, my pile of sweet magazines Milk and Muteen from another time, that help supporting my shelf (ah resourcefulness!)… And stuck up there, a little picture of myself at 1, in order not to forget who I am and where I come from…




On my shelf, there are my favorite Japanese pattern and image books, a collection of objects I love, my Néroli fragrance from Annick Goutal, my little inuit doll that watches me, beautiful lemon Leone sweets…




My tireless Janome sewing machine once again on top of a little Formica furniture found at Emmaüs. My homemade pencil cup made out of indian metallic glasses and a long rubber band that is normally used to close the designer box. Miu miu heels drawings from Kris Atomic, ceramic cactus from Fleux and an old in-store advertising from the old shirt brand Verte Vallée given to me by My Sophie from Couleur Salée.




Detail of my inspiration wall, « Us » the cats made by me, flowers given to me by the delicious Karuna Balloo.




And here is a last picture, will you be able to find the cat that squat my sweet chair Little zoom on my post calendar (yes, I know what I am going to talk to you about 1 month in advance… and if you see the brow picture I have work!), my Ipad with my electronic diary and my Moleskine because we never know… Just so you know, I did a huge cleaning before taking these pictures because on my everyday life, the lemonade studio is more like a war scene…



27 novembre, 2013