My kittens, here is my inspiration, a few years ago now I went into the Balenciaga store looking for a "kaffiyeh/jewelry", not to buy one really because something tells me it’d have been out of my student budget… But I wanted to see it closely to make my own (DIY addiction…). Well guess what? There was a 6-months waiting list to have one of these precious kaffiyeh… Okay, I don’t panic, I know I’ll make myself one someday… And life went on, I forget and the other day, I see again this picture from the autumn/winter  2007/2008 Balienciaga fashion show (Nicolas Ghesquière, come back!) and my heart jumps up, the feeling is still there, I tell myself it’d be easy to make a similar one, I only need a nice scarf. And it might even be a nice idea for a christmas present… Who knows ?  The fact is that I offered this DIY for the second workshop with La Redoute, and I think the girls liked it…

To make this DIY:

  • cost about 30 euros (scarf not included)
  • time about 2 or even 3 hours if you’re not very focused…
  • difficulty « finger in the nose »…




To make this DIY, you will need:

  • a 70 x 70 cm scarf, here it comes from La Redoute,
  • a kaffiyeh (brought from a trip in India… I know the color is incredible),
  • a strip of fringes of 50 cm,
  • a strip of eyelets of 140 cm, 
  • a roll of chain,
  • multicolors thread pompoms, small coins, rings, 
  • scissors, flat-nose pliers, bobbin and threads




Start with placing the silk scarf on the back of the kaffiyeh and pin it gently. Then with your machine, sew the edges of both scarfs.




Take the eyelets strip and put the chain into every eyelet, when they are all filled, distribute the length of the chain in other to make a regular rhythm. To block the chain at the right length, I advise you to sew a hand stitch between two eyelets with the thread and needle.




Pin the eyelets strip on the scarves, fix the top of the strip and sew the lot with your machine. The eyelets strip doesn’t go around the kaffiyeh but only goes on two width, which makes a right angle. Then when you fold the scarf, you will only see the « jewelry part ».




Now pin the fringes strip on the tip of your scarf, and as in the previous step, sew it with your machine but on the bottom part of the eyelets strip this time.




Now, let’s get to my favorite part, the hanging of the drop beads… Here they are thread pompoms and small coins found in China town (Jacky Perles, 33 rue de Pastourelle 75003). Prepare little bunches of pompoms, coins, little figurines or other medals and souvenirs.




With your flat nose pliers, open the rings, hang your jujus on the chain and TA-DA!

And for the curious, I’m wearing a Zara trench coat, an old H&M beret hat and the ZUKI nailmatic nail polish...



30 novembre, 2013