Good morning my little cats! 

When I was offer a collaboration with Comptoir des cotonniers, the brief was to make a video where I’d be seen riding my bike in Paris with the new Comptoir parka… Yeah a bit like a new Martine opus, after « Lisa gets her hair cut by Fred », the new « Lisa rides her bike in Paris » so instead of wandering about parisian clichés, I wanted to show you my « typical day » or should I say the way I wish my days were: sweet, simple and light… With a special guest star: the grey Parka, the navy parka and the printed Parka (my favorite), the part were I try the three different parkas is quite realistic because lately I’ve been suffering from a «it takes me a hundred years to leave my place » illness. The symptoms are: switch a light, take an invite, brush my teeth, correct my eyeliner, change mtg jacket because I’m not sure… I’m treating myself because the complications of such disease can be the « I’m always late » syndrome… To ban. Somebody told my some day that punctuality is a quality and not a flaw.



The Alice’s White Rabbit digression is now closed. You’re about to discover a bit of Charlotte, my wonderful assistant, my roc, my second brain, the one who gets things done when I’m procrastinate sometimes… Charlotte, you’ll learn to know here a little bit more because she’ll soon present the « making of » section and tell you all about what’s happening behind my different activities…



Okay, all of this is enhanced, normally my day is totally cadenced by much more interaction with people, business meetings, friends showing up in my living room to tell us some joke, to help us cut stuff, to work « in their head », by the mailman, the delivery guy, the neighbors asking how the packing is going and so on… And of couse with on top of that the 48 phone calls, the 230 F word, the 12 daily hug with Frida (minimum) and the 63 « We need an office! ».

But don’t you have an office at your place? you might ask. I do, but for now it is full of boxes, things to sort, pieces of paper, full suitcases and laundry to iron… Not too videogenic but much more real though… And I noticed that Charlotte and I are looking for the light, a bit like green plants, and the living room definitely is the brighter room, or maybe we’re just looking for another room to vandalize… Anyway, here is my dream day: morning, Pinterest, emails and todo list for the day, Charlotte arrives, I give her her daily instructions, we work together, I run to a lunch, or to a business meeting, or sometimes the two of them at the same time, I run doing some shopping for the current works, I work in my head on my bike, I come home, we work some more, we make jokes, we listen to silly music and when I feel the motivation (and it does not happen everyday) I go to the gym! After all that, it’s none of your business !




Lots of kisses! I leaving you with this parka look, I was already convinced by Mademoiselle Plume that I wore underneath my coat in the winter… The new Parka really is convenient, I packed it in a small pouch at the bottom of my handbag, always ready…

26 mars, 2014