My sweeties, 

I am a little tired lately, I realized I’m running after time, I have lots of articles ready but not really the desire to post them. So why? Because I feel tired… A little stunned to see days go in a instant and to tell myself «  Crap I didn’t post today whereas I promised I would… » I feel guilty not to be here as often as I used to, it sucks I know. I feel like I’ve already written this article but I know that today I’m honest with myself. I’m tired. I feel dry… Like a ficus you’d have forgotten to water… In our case I simply forgot to take care of myself for a while. I’ve thrown myself headlong into my work, reports, moving in and out, workshops, the new design and the writing of a new book… And so I don’t have anymore juice for make my lemonade, no more lemons… 

But don’t worry I want this blog to keep going just as much as in the beginning, it makes me live extraordinary adventures ! Simply not tomorrow but the day after tomorrow. I was reading this article on the very good Eleonore Bridge and I thought it was too good of an echo of what I felt not to tell you about it. 

Elodie, in her post, questions the shootings with big productions that are too elaborated: hairdressers, make-up artists. Aren’t this perfectionism and this hardliner attitude the antipodes of the freshness and spontaneity making a blog is all about ? It is what I ask myself as well. I think that I might have restrained myself into a too perfect aesthetic. And my blog is fed with my work and vice-versa: it is my virtual business card… Haaa you see, too many questions… Because in the end I want to post more often but I don’t want to post anything any way… If only I had as much time as ideas. Okay, let’s breathe, make some tea and I’ll be back soon better than new, not tomorrow but the day after tomorrow… 

Sweet kisses and I leave you with this extraordinary report for the Queensland’s tourist information center I was lucky to do with Juliette from the great « Je ne sais pas choisir » blog, I’ll post my travel journal really soon (THANK YOU a million times to Sabrina for thinking about me…). But before that the one from Thailand has been ready for a while and I’d like to give it to you. I was just waiting for the situation in Bangkok to get better in order not to feed any polemic.


28 avril, 2014