Hello my sea otters (yes summer is here so I imagine all of you playing with your otters friends in the water).

How are you? We are prepared to move and so excited about it, listening Larusso while packing everything… We finally found OUR office that represents all we have imagined: bright, spacious and soon, lemony. We cannot wait to be there and welcome you in this new area, in few days! Today is Saturday, and while we are dreaming of yellow carpet, decoration but also movers, I stop dreaming few seconds to tell you what happened these past weeks in our little Lemonade Studio that starts to become bigger (maybe it is like the supermarkets, the Lemonade Studio was a Lemonade stand to start, then it became a Lemonade Studio, now a SuperLemonade Studio and who knows maybe one day it will be a HyperLemonade Studio).




I guess you saw the new Wear Lemonade collection, and maybe adopted Paloma already. My current secret dream is that, for the office relocation, we all wear Palomas and we arrive at our new office like a little army of Super Mario movers (okay we also need a cap and a mustache). By the way, after the collection photoshoot, we all agreed that creating a cap could have been a good idea: we did it in the sun on a nice court at the Tennis Club of Joinville! We had so much fun doing it, the lemons that replace the tennis balls, the hard work of the clay court sweeper (Laure if you can hear me, you have all my respect and I think you have a real future in this activity). Anyway, I let you enjoy some stolen moments of this hot summer afternoon.




You have been so many to come to visit us at the Café A where we decided to stay for a weekend to meet you and let you shop the latest pieces from the previous Wear Lemonade collection! The famous brand Havana decorated the place with a Cuban spirit to give you the opportunity to be in South America during the month of July for the "Little Havana" event. We were in our caseta in the middle of the jungle, ready to welcome you! We also organized two DIY workshops, and it is always a pleasure to meet you and share some tips!




It also make me think about the fact that often, one of the Lemonade Girl arrives at the office very excited, telling us “I saw someone wearing the mon petit chat sweatshirt”, “A girl in the metro wore the Frida dress and she was so beautiful!” because yes, it matters to us and we do care. The Little Havana event was also the occasion to see you trying and wearing our clothes and it was very nice! Thank you Havana for your trust, we had a great time living in a Cuban way for a weekend. You can still visit the Little Havana metamorphosed Café A until the 31st of July.




I wanted to show you our last lemony acquisition: the Lemonade neon! Crazy isn’t it? The brand Blachère realizes your craziest dreams and proposes you to create your favorite word as a light garland! We are already thinking about the place to display it in the SuperLemonade Studio (Lisa is so excited about it and calls us at 3 in the morning because she saw a wonderful office picture on Pinterest…).




Let’s conclude this 6th edition of the Daily Lemonade with a food break! As you may know, during this summer we are going to transform (4 times) the Bento boxes from Planet Sushi in paper creations (the veggie, the salmon…)! Summer is going to be pink, as Lisa says. I have to admit that the pink cabbage is my new Sistine Chapel, my favorite piece. My previous masterpiece was the coffee cup from the 2015 calendar, but now the pink cabbage clearly overpassed it! The cherry on the bento, as you can see, we also transformed the Wear Lemonade pieces with the colors and patterns of the Planet Sushi bags! Visit their website to discover more information about the summer specialties, delight your taste buds and try to win a shopping weekend with Lisa in Paris.




I send you big kisses, be careful with the sunburns… and not only the sun can hit (an accident between otters can happen so quickly). Have a nice summer!

Charlotte S.

Translated by Coralie Clair

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25 juillet, 2015