Happy Monday kitties ! 

I have so much fun lately, I'm juggling and that feels so good! Here is another theme week and not any theme: it is my THE GREAT GATSBY week, kind of a christmas/new year inspiration for your eyes! Did I say a week ? I meant my two Gatsby weeks ! For a little while I've been living with the rythme of the Roaring Twenties, I'm re-reading Fitzgerald, I'm fantasizing on Redford and I'm hallucinating with Leonardo Dicaprio... We should talk about this Baz Luhrmann movie by the way! I find it quite TOO MUCH! I remember seeing it in 3D and getting out of the theater exhausted (a bit like with Gravity but not for the same reasons...). There were too many things and my brain couldn't assimilate all of them... And I watched it again on my computer, making screen impressions and breaks, digesting informations, and I thought WAOUH, what a work! The interpretation of the book is very different from the Jack Clayton's one (with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford), especially regarding the scenes with parties where you can feel the Martha Stewart era, everything is insanely coordinated and sublime with not a single lack of taste.   

While doing some research to write to you this morning I find there is another movie from Herbert Brenon, 1926 and The Great Gatsby from Elliott Nugent (1949)… I have still have some things to learn… But if you saw the last movie with out sweet swollen Leo Dicaprio I advise you to close your computer and go discover this Francis Scott Fitsgerald fabulous novel.




To see all these pictures « in full size », rendez vous on my pinterest in the « J Gatsby » pinboard. And by the way if you want some fresh inspirations I « pin » a lot lately, 20 minutes a day is what I was told… Love on you.

09 décembre, 2013