Happy Friday my little kitties!

This week, I went in Montreuil with my friend Manu Fauque to shoot some pictures for the lemon week! Manu is a real explorer, at the end of the metro line 8 I was completely on holidays for a while with him. I let you imagine the heat, the sunshine, the blue sky and the tranquility of Montreuil. It was so nice! I think Manu is a genius because he always explores new urban territories to make us travel. He can even make the concrete sexy. I remember a photoshoot he realized for the wonderful Exception site in Pantin… when I saw the pictures I had the feeling that I was in small town in the United States where I have never been before.



I am wearing the Ava skirt from Wear Lemonade, a Monki tshirt, a Carven jacket and glitter shoes from Patricia Blanchet.

That day, I was completely transported in a small track in the South of France, in a Slavic ghost town, or even in a crazy Japanese dream with this colorful cones field… It was like short holidays, and I learn how to enjoy moments like these ones, far away from my “Buttes Chaumont > Sentier” daily landscape. I try to diversify the visual pleasures because I do not hide you that a complete change of scenery in a remote area is just a vague memory for me! However, not for a long time because I feel like summer is going to be hot and synonym of backpack!



I am wearing a Mademoiselle R dress, a gorgeous Asos summer coat and a pair of acid yellow Louboutin.

Whereas Manu is the best at brining us somewhere else, I religiously collect every little magic moments I can, that are short holidays during the week and for few hours it helped me recharge. I remember when I came back then to the office, exhausted but happy, like if I did long journey but I only was at the end of a metro line.



I am wearing the Lolita dress from Wear Lemonade whose pattern will be available next week!

Sometimes, it makes me realize that I do not often disconnect from my daily routine/computer/phone. Not to be aware of what surrounds me. You know when you stop looking at your computer screen and you discover an amazing terrace on the building you see everyday… Remember when I told you that I wanted to rediscover or just discover Paris…



I am wearing an Asos mustard yellow dress with a pair of glitter shoes from Patricia Blanchet.

Anyway, I do not know if you remember but some time ago I talked to you about a great application called Head Space, which is guided meditation. Well, I tested the “On the Go” option that is a series of mediation exercises to do while walking with your headphones. You will probably say that it is very dangerous but not at all, on the contrary, because headphones are not always related to loud music (I feel like I am 100 years old when I am writing this sentence). Thus, these exercises are excellent if you want to be more aware of what is going on around you, it really helps you to take into account some stuffs that we all think they are taken for granted. From the bakery hot bread smell in the corner of the street to the building pink shutters of your secret shortcut…




Now you think that I am a bundle of nerves and that I really need a break. Not at all, I think we are spending so much time at work and living in the fast lane that we forget to take some rest and enjoy life. Then yes doing meditation to go to work is fine, rediscovering the colors of our neighbors’ walls too, but it also allows us to be more present for all the daily stuffs… avoiding the emotional rollercoaster.



 I am wearing the Ava skirt from Wear Lemonade, a Monki tshirt, a Carven jacket and glitter shoes from Patricia Blanchet. On the right, I am wearing the Lolita dress from Wear Lemonade whose pattern will be available next week!

Don’t you see what I mean? When you are so happy to sign a contract and 4 seconds later, you receive a bad email that gets you down. What I would like to say is that you have to slow down, raise the head, put your smartphone in your bag, enjoy summer, take a deep breath, enjoy little things, and if you are lucky enough, holidays are coming soon… I send you big kisses, I need to put my yellow/orange toga on and shave my head!

Buddha Lisa.

Translated by Coralie Clair

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26 juin, 2015