Hello my little kitties!

The Lemon Week continues and it is a great pleasure for me to welcome here again our friends from! This amazing team of musical treasures experts used to be our officemates. Even if we have more space since they are gone, we miss them so much!

For those who do not know them, Radiooooo is a musical website on which you can travel in time and space. Indeed, you just have to click on a specific country and decade, and here we are in Japan in the 40s! It is also a community website and you can share your best musical discoveries creating an account, and there is no limit! For this reason, I am so happy to announce you that they created a wonderful playlist for the Lemon Week.

The website is constantly under construction and evolution because they create all the time new mechanisms for us like the Taxi mode for example! The Taxi mode is so nice (pacific and always in a good mood) it helps to avoid the monotony while listening a lot of music from the same country. You can choose your destination, and especially many stops and different decades, and Radiooooo creates you a unique playlist mixing space-time! It is magical! In order to follow all their adventures, they have a small “news” island on the world map that informs the users about the news to come… Moreover, because they want to make their website more tangible and real, they travel the world to organize live radio programs to discover new artists. They are just back from Dakar, and they are now on their way to Moscow and Mexico!




I hope you will like this little plug, it plays the 12 songs by random that Noemie and Benjamin have selected for you my little lemons! For the occasion, I made a paper ghetto blaster just for them, so much fun! I send you big kisses and see you all tomorrow!

  • Yellow submarine Ondo  - Akiko Kanazawa
  • Mellow Yellow - Donovan
  • Sour & Sweet / Lemon In the Honey - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
  • Groovin' - Young Rascals
  • Le Paradis Pour Toi - Gillian Hills
  • In a summertime - Mungo Jerry
  • A Summer Song - Chad & Jeremy
  • On the Good Ship Lollipop - Mae Questal
  • Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree - Tony Orlando & Dawn
  • Yellow Bird - The Mills Brothers
  • Lemon Kiss (Like I Do) - The Peanuts
  • Yellow River - Elton John 


Translated by Coralie Clair

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27 juin, 2015