Happy Monday MY LOVES



Happy monday sweeties, 
TA-DA, I am Sean Paul of Thrones ! I’m back this week, as I was telling you earlier this past month was quite complicated. To sum up I had to juggle between breaking-up, moving out, moving in and working as always. Okay now you know, I hope you’re ready to used your fingers all summer long. Because I am more than motivated to use my brain, to immerse myself into creation and to make beautiful things (well, to try at least..!). Last weekend, I was out for a snack with the sweet Pauline Darley and walking through the 10th arrondissement we stopped near Holly Belly to immortalize this ephemeral haircut. Yes ephemeral because I’m loosing the small braids from underneath every morning (scatter braids everywhere is so glamorous…)




As for every big change in life I wanted to change my look and to have my face cleared out… And since my hair are short, I have several little strands coming out of the braids which, according to Pauline D really looks like a little dragon… She knows how to talk to me… 




And as I rarely do things by half, there is novelty on my arm… A blue peony coming out of my Hokusai wave, realized by the talentedDamien Electric tattoo… Damien lives in London but often comes to Paris at Hand in Glove on Trousseau Street… The easiest way to contact him if you’re tempted is to send him as email via son facebook. I’m crazy about this color which is so vibrant, almost hypnotic, everybody asks me if it’s a real one. Compare to this peony, my wave suddenly aged…  



This post is quite simple on the stylization side but there are days where you just are simple, when you have Sean Paul’s hair you need to know how to remain quiet… Well, simple, I know what I mean, flowers… I’m wearing a flowery robe en jersey found in New York, my love three-fingers ring and a magical flower the sublime Karuna Balloo offered me for my second 25th birthday (btw her website is on sale! It’s time to enjoy it, isn’t it ?). Yes I know I’m very into flowers lately… Sweet kisses and stay tuned for Charlotte and her making of tomorrow…



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