My little cats, 
I need to tell you: life is complicated lately but nothing important, I’ll tell you a little more about it soon… 
Last week just like that, like a sudden impulse, I got tired of having hair everywhere, I was in a hair-rehab phase with a scarf glued to my head and a gigantic bang on my forehead. Gravity had zero effect on my skull. I was the secret child of Justin Bieber and Sangoku (Dragon Ball Z and all…), I was hot. Needed to change…




I dream about having a bob. I’m not quite far but I’m not there yet, probably in a couple of weeks. And my hair is an ass. No really, there are nice hair, bipolar hair and there is mine, ass. I don’t know why, my back of my head grows really fast compare to the rest of my hair. So I regularly have a mullet. SEXY. The back of the head very loaded, the « bare neck that you want to kiss » freshly coming out of the hair dresser generally lasts 2 days. Then exit the kisses and seen from behind I look like Dick Rivers rather than Amélie Poulain. 
So I call my favorite hair dresser, our national Fred who immediately tells me to forget about bobbed hair because « it » isn’t ready. Soon but not yet. Then I see him, tell him about braids, really really long hair and game of thrones… We talk about extensions and Fred gets carried away, what if we make our own color strand, from the pastel pink to the baby blue. He wanted to shave astrological signs on me, I’m sure that would be great. But I was really afraid to end up with colored dreads, silk harem pants and a diabolo in my backpack. On consideration, we thought it was easier to keep it cool on the colors but to make braids, an urban ethnical touch that we liked, I advise you to look at the Pinterest board regarding this project…




So this is with that pinterest board that I met Fred at Chateau D’eau, Passage Brady, at Dovi’s. Dovi was filmed by Fred for this exposition at the Quai Branly last year, she scares me a little, she has about 2000 braids on her head. Fred is there to make the artistic direction of everything that happens on my head for the last two years and so far I’m never disappointed, everything will be fine. The adventure starts on the wrong foot, no signal, no wifi, no pinterest. I’m not sure Dovi gets the subtlety of the urban tribal braid Fred has in mind. I’m sacred, a little. We run buy some fake hair at a shop nearby. I think about some friends who came back from Thailand with flatten mini braids and multicolors beads at their ends. Cold sweat (in my mullet). Everything will be fine. I’m in the store, it’s crazy, so many things, hair of every colors except mine, I met coco oil, crazy barrettes, incredible hair mannequin heads, wigs that I never would have imagined… Too many possibilities. At the cashier it costs us 6 euros of fake hair. Dovi talks about Beyonce. It’s going to be okay, and suddenly my eyes stop on multicolor plastic beads, my jaw is clenching… 




Back to the Salon, Dovi brushes my future hair. I’m literally about to have 1 meter of hair in less than two hour of time. Better than fast-acting yeast. Everything is going to be fine. Dovi tells me that my hair is too short for what we had planned, I thought though but I secretly hoped it would work anyway. Too bad for this time, she starts with the neck and even there she says it’s really too short, I think she exaggerates because if there is one spot where my hair isn’t too short, it’s the neck ! Anyway, I can’t wait for her to be on the top of my head making large braids. 




2 doliprane later, I’m literally hypnotized with the small screen showing the tv show Coeur Océan (the dialogues are SO profound…). Fred had to leave and I find myself alone with Dove who braids like a machine. She starts the top of my head. I’m holding my breath but my artistic director did a good job and I feel my inner Beyonce appears in the passage Brady. 




It’s done, I look at myself, I don’t really see Beyonce in the end but… Sean Paul. And in the end, I think I’m more a Sean Paul than a Justin Bieber. It’s hard to make such a hard choice… Thank you Dovi for you patience! And to Fred for your love and these pictures… I’ll show you more pictures of the result in a few days. 




24 juin, 2014