Happy sunday my kittens, 

What a depressing weather, I want to hibernate, really. I know that you keep being talked about the weather forecast but it is clearly too much now, I realize that you already know it but it’s not with the two days and a half of Spring we had that we will charge our D vitamin quotas. Come on, let’s go live in a warm country, with real seasons. What! I’m threatening? Well yes, I have to blackmail now, I try everything, after the springy recipe, the sun dances and other voodoo spells to make the sun come, I’m running out of ideas... And I have a new bike that I found on le bon coin (craig’s list), it’s not brand new but I’m working on it and I need sunny days (in 2014?) to make a «Pimp my ride» session in my building's yard, but until I roam the city under a burning sun, I make bike-looks gifs... (I realize that my images are tiny when horizontal, one more thing to add to my list of blog’s renovation! It will be beautiful... At least I hope!) 

I need you, make my smile because with this weather I’m about to stick my head into the oven, and not to bake anything... What, me exaggerating ? Je vous embrasse bien fort ! And as of tomorrow, a sunny... Theme week ! Just to give it a last chance (I’m talking about Spring)... If it doesn’t show up next week, I’m leaving Paris... Desperate situations call for drastic remedies!




Today I’m wearing opaque tights... But not only! A little dress with giant polka-dots from Asos petite that I love! A giant chain necklace (I’m a lot into scale lately) also from Asos, and Zara golden shoes that you already know! Hugs and kisses and to make up for the tinniness of this pictures, I put some zone because I’m a nice girl ! 




And tell me that you too are about to pack and move to a warmer place, where the sun heats, where life is good, and where drinking outside is the national sport... Come on, let’s go, for real!




19 mai, 2013