Happy Sunday, my kittens !

I am writing to you from my window sill where the sun is poking its head out of the clouds…It’s oh so nice… It smells like Spring in the air and even the slight bouts of insomnia at the end of the night are not so unpleasant when I hear the birds chirping. We’re on the right track, my friends ! So today I’m here to talk to you about a special, new hot spot…The Café Lunettes from Jimmy Fairly... Special because, in addition to being brand new, I’m the one responsible for the interior design… And of course you know that my history with Jimmy Fairly goes back a while now. I came up with the "Lemon" pair of glasses last September (new colors will be arriving soon by the way, but I will keep you updated !) And so since January, I’ve been working freelance for them as Artistic Director.



So what does all that mean exactly ? Well, it means that I assist the founders, Antonin and Sacha, in all their decision-making regarding the design of products as well as the interior decorating of their boutiques. From ideas for the design of glasses to the finishing touches on the blinds in the boutique, to the packaging. It’s a real exercise to enter into a realm that is not your own… to put your own stamp on things while staying true to the DNA of the brand. But with the help of mood boards and compromising, it’s been great to see such a large-scale project in evolution.  Imagine opening boutiques throughout France, what a challenge it is to establish your brand and spread your style to new cities ! I am thrilled to be part of these various projects, so today I give you their new boutique located at 45 de la rue Montorgueil.



In fact, the boys wanted the boutique to evoke a New York City coffee shop. So we thought, might as well really push the concept to its limits and treat customers, who try on or buy  a new pair of glasses, to an actual coffee. And it’s also a great way to establish a presence in the landscape of the rue Montorgueil, which is mainly populated by food-related businesses. I hope you like the boutique, in as much as it was such an enriching experience for me to work on the interior design and merchandising of this place !  Right now, take advantage of their offer – the coffee at Jimmy Fairly is on the house and the marble macarons are from Griottes... I’ll be back to talk to you real soon about the return of the Lemons !



Jimmy Fairly, Café lunettes, 45 rue Montorgueil, 75002 PARIS 01 79 72 60 20. Monday to Saturday from 11 am – 7:30 pm !  So, do you like it? I am planning to do a DIY on wooden pearl suspensions very shortly, does that tickle your fancy ? 



Translated by Ida Driscoll.

22 mars, 2015