Happy Friday, darlings! Today I’d like to put the spotlight on the lovely Maya, who works with us in the e-commerce division at Wear Lemonade, to present the Ada skirt pattern. I don’t quite fit in it... now don’t go jumping to conclusions, I don’t have any “good news”, it’s just that we made this size 36 skirt out of a non-stretchy fabric... and my hips just might burst the seams if I put it on! Remember, it’s important to measure before getting started! Use your hip measurements and don’t worry about the waist because the back is elastic!
I just have to make one my size... I love how mad-man-esque it is! I’d love to make it with a flower motif or out of mustard colored velvet or even upholstery fabric and pair it with Converses! I’m getting off track... Anyways, this skirt was made with IKEA furniture fabric that I got a few years ago and I thought that it went well with the skirt for a 70s look! I was wondering if you’d like to see different people for the sewing patterns; I’m not jumping ship but I think that it would be nice to switch up ‘my body’ with other women at the Lemonade Studio, so that you can better imagine making your sewing projects!
Here’s what you need to know about Ada:
  • The pattern is here, and since yesterday, the pdf version is available in your customer space online. Would you like a newsletter to let you know as soon as a pattern is online?
  • You’ll need 1m85 of fabric from a bolt 1m40 wide to make the biggest size, or 2m of fabric from a bolt 1m10 wide to make the biggest size,
  • I suggest using a fairly thick fabric, that holds it’s shape, like corduroy or denim, or even upholstery fabric like we did,
  • You’ll also need 7 lovely buttons or 7 snaps, 20 mm wide,
  • 1 m of elastic cord 0.75 mm wide,
  • Attention to detail: the pockets are a little bit tricky, but it’s worth it!
wear-lemonade-jupe-ada-maya-3 More news about the PDF subscriptions will be available soon. We’ve got an article in the works to tell you all about it: I think you’ll like it! To be continued! Hugs and kisses! Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
10 février, 2017