Mes petits coeurs au beurre!

No show today, let me explain: Gemey-Maybelline allowed me to attend 3 shows and I want to say a huge thank you to them, for the other ones I used my own contacts and nerve (I find myself sassy...) I literally called the office and press agents 40 times. I dove a hard bargain I really wanted to be able to show you surprising but also different things, I wanted to make you live something crazy through the blog. I had a huge opportunity with Gemey-Maybelline, they offered me an awesome project but I also wanted my style and my sweat (and my insomnia) to be on it. I wanted it not to be all done and wrap into my passport. So I found some help with the Daily Elle, I was able to go backstage as a web journalist, I’ll let you check at my articles on their site.  




Today I’m wearing a SO lovely outfit that it will be hard to give it back, lent by Sonia by Sonia Rykiel (I’ll talk about this again really soon), little socks found by myself in NY at Joe Fresh’s and Shelly’s London shoes. And on my lips, the 14h superstay Infinity Fuschia. For those of you who are about to ask me (I know you)... How do I get this hairstyle with short hair ? Well, be prepared for the shock, I’m wearing a clip hair piece... I will decide wether I make the video because a rug maying in the bathroom is not very glamourous...




During this less speed day, I got the chance to meet Mei, thanks to Mai who filmed her last June, I completely freaked out watching the very awesome vidéo as usual with Mai. To me nailart felt cold and totally hermetic, and often rhymes with a crude-nuclear-catastrophe, I more into black or very red red on my nails but I loved this vidéo because I found it fresh, daring and such well done, it looked like enamel. And then last July I showed you the ice cream and nailart ICE ICE BABY series, it was gaining ground in my head... 

Last week when I was leaving I called Mai to get the number of this little Japanese girls, she put us in touch, we meet at my hotel, what an adorable lovely girl. I made jokes for 1h30 with my unlikely english and I think she laughed when I said it was my first nailart, my first time, I wasn’t a nailart virgin anymore «I’m not nails virgin anymore...». Here I am with nailart on my fingers, it is really strange I feel like they have their own life and independence now on, regardless of mine. Next step is doing it by myself, even a little DIY, but I have to practice a little... In the meantime if you’re in NY and you wish to have a manicure by Mei you can contact her on her website! 




In the video you can see two addresses. The first one is the Shake Shack, famous burgers that a lot of people told me about. I wanted to see by myself and it was really cool to eat my burger in the Madison square park. I love this idea of «improved fast food» instead of eating a burger in any NY restaurant. And I had another rendez-vous in this bakery/restaurant Lafayette that I literally loved! I’ll come back for sure.

Shake Shack 11 Madison Avenue at E 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010

Lafayette 380 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10003



12 septembre, 2013