My little chestnuts, 

The situation is serious! Today, I unveil with you the new tab, section, label of the blog, the «WORK SHOP» section, Ta-Da! Okay but what is it really ?

For a few months, after long talk about the how and the why of this website, I really wanted to make things tangible. After the book, the digital became palpable, after the Etsy Craft night, after a DIY workshop for a presentation with La Redoute, it became obvious! Meeting you is huge, teaching you stuff in real life is even more.




Let’s imagine a sort of cooking class but even better: a DIY class, based on the same principle: I give you the recipe, and even the ingredients, and you’ll leave with what you made + little presents... 

It seems a little crazy but it’s what is going on lately, so I’ll skip the details about the suppliers, the meticulous search of partners, locations, equipment, people to help me and other necessary stuff coming with the Joy of organizing such an event, of making it possible. To make it short, here are the main things you need to know and probably what you want to know the most (I can’t wait any longer to tell you).

From now on every months, during a full sunday after, I will organize WORKSHOP in partnership with one or several brands. There will be 10 tickets for sale for every session. 

  • The ticket will cost 50 euros.
  • During this workshop, you will go home with 3 products and goodies... (that I’m making you with great care...)
  • We’ll spend the whole afternoon together making, customizing, fiddling with, sewing, enhancing, having fun, eating awesome cakes and drinking liters of tea, etc... It should be a good afternoon. And of course you’ll go home with your creations. By the way, if you like the products I chose as they are, you’re free not to customize them and you can learn the technique and gestures and do them later at your own place... No worries, I’m not the DIY gestapo.




But for those of you who cannot go to these workshops, either because you don’t have the time, because you live too far or even because you can’t afford it, you won’t be outdone because pictures and a video will be made during the workshop and you’ll be able to see all that by clicking on the WORKSHOP tab. Moreover I’ll put one of the three DIYs on the blog! It doesn’t change the fact that I’ll still make DIY on the blog as usual, no worries my cats.

I therefore declare the enrollment of the first WORKSHOP session open, it will be in exclusive collaboration with my favorite clothing dealer ASOS (I’m hysterical while taping this) on Sunday, September 29th in the center of Paris. The first session theme is BACK TO SCHOOL and we will be customizing:

  • a pullover/sweat, 
  • A handbag,
  • A pair of shoes...

Please tell me your shoe and clothes sizes by email.




I’d like to say a special thank you to Alexia, Nicolas, Manon, Tatiana, Pauline, Scarlette, Tania, France, Romain and of course Justin and Agathe for their trust and help... THANK YOU so much and see you soon!

13 septembre, 2013