Hello my little kitties,

I hope you enjoy life, the sunny weekend and music tonight! For my part, the weather is nice and the sky is blue… Summer is coming! When we talk about holidays… we talk about free time and sewing for some of you! Thus, today I am here to share with you a nice idea that can inspire you: the Levi’s Workshop. By the way, something tells me that we are going to post the DIY of this Workshop very soon so that everyone can enjoy it!




For this Workshop, the rules changed a little bit because we did it in a Levi’s shop… but not just any shop: the Champ Elysees boutique and more precisely, the Tailor Levi’s shop. I explain: the tailor shop is the place where you can alter your pair of jeans, jackets… from a simple hem to a waist fitting or even if you want to put crazy embroidered patches… Everything is possible! In addition, this alterative workshop (atelier) is on the top flour of the Levi’s shop and has been privatized just for the occasion! We were protected from the heat!



We settled here and we imagined a very American college embroidery workshop in order to be coherent with the brand image of Levi’s and because it was also a good opportunity to create a new DIY on the sacred denim jeans that has already seen a lot… We prepared multicolored terry cloth, hundreds of paper letters and lots of needles for our guests! Once the first embroidery fears behind, they all made it very well! We all chose a word to put in the back of the jacket and as you probably know us, we had many ideas… We found nicknames, words of love and animals names! Lisa picked “Meow” for hers, what original it is…




After the first cutting letters step done, the girls had to use the needles and everyone spent some hours embroidering! We also had the chance to organize a manicure workshop with Nailmatic so that we could all have a break, and our fingers too! I let you watch the Workshop video that I hope will inspire you and give you nice memories of these days spent in our company. For more photos, check the Facebook album!

I would like to thank Levi’s, Mariama, Caroline, Jeanne for the video, Aurelie, Julia, Nailmatic and all the girls who came! I see you all very soon because tomorrow the Lemon Week begins! Now, I am ready to go on the dancefloor tonight!



Charlotte S.

Translated by Coralie Clair

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21 juin, 2015