Happy Friday! 

Oh thank you for all your sweet words from last article, I’m saying again it but you are the best, definitely I can’t wait to meet you next Wednesday! In the meantime, I’d like to talk about another pretext to meet: WORKSHOP! And the last one was one of the best ones with Petit Bateau! This workshop was actually more than one because with Léo, whom I work with on workshops, we visited a few cities to meet the best Petit Bateau customers and their children and we made endless DIY! It was so nice to do that with kids, if you knew how smart they are, very at ease and here they were taking more to make at home! We so are the DIY trailer!




For all of these workshops I tried to work on the Origami and folding theme because Petit Bateau set up a beautiful campaign called « Ready to fold », the brand gives an origami set for every visit to the shop even if you don’t buy anything. This set contains a book and every character is available to make in origami… So adorable, but how to make origami with some fabric with no iron nor sewing machine (security matters, it would be too easy otherwise) well I schemed with a baize windmill to clip with press studs and it was nice to watch the children customizing their striped-shirt happy like adults! Today I’m reviewing the workshop with you my dear readers!



Well for this session we customized Petit Bateau marinières, essential and emblematic pieces of the brand. The first thing was about making these famous windmills, a stretching exercice, disturbingly easy and as a matter of fact I’ll make a DIY about it very soon. On another marinière we made cockades with subliminal messages with the help of badge-maker, and to remain in the Origami theme, after folding some baize and some ribbons, we made little paper ice-cream to then make a mobile. Given the excitement resulting its realization I also think it will be a pretext to another DIY post. I must admit that bringing the « Silhouette Cameo » machine which cuts the paper might have helped a little.




It was also the first time since the beginning of workshops that I felt so at ease, much more relaxed, a little less impressed than the previous times. A beautiful afternoon with a joyful and colorful mess, « newly » ice-creams were siding with divine Marlette cakes, I didn’t want to go home, I could have folded ice-creams until dusk and drunk liter of tea… But all good things come to an end… Rendez-vous in less than a month for the next one!



I’d like to say thank you again… To Karline and all the Petit Bateau team for their tryst and help with this DIY tour, and btw tomorrow I’ll be in Aix-en-Provence! To Kusmi Tea for spoiling us, to Malette for feeding us, and btw you should all run to the Marlette Café, 51 rue des Martyrs! Find all of our partners from our workshops here! To Franck for its welcome in the Encore restaurant. To Léa for this beautiful short video! To Léo for its perfect sense of organization and to Charlotte S. Russo for her saving of the workshop from catastrophe! You can see all the pictures of this workshop here!




During this session I was amazed to find a participant from the last session with Tara Jarmon, how tenacious and fast with internet you are Mélanie ! So yes, how to participate in the next workshop ? Well it’s simple, you simply need to subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll be told about the next sale date, you’ll just have to stay in touch… The next workshop will be with a brand with a name starting with an S… It’s a mystery but if you are as obsessive as I am you should like it! 


11 avril, 2014