Here we are! Delivery scheduled for March 1st, it’s the 3rd, but that’s ok! Good things come to those who wait, and you know what, if the life of an entrepreneur taught me anything it’s that in real life things never go as planned, but always end up happening... I’m jumping for joy, I’m so glad, so happy, to see the website is in sync with the woman I’m becoming. Even if I loved the old design, I don’t know, I think that today I feel like I’m settling down for good. It’s more mature, like I was saying, clearer, and I’ve got the impression that it’s a fresh start for me and the studio, since all Make My Lemonade contributers will have their spot and can sign their articles, no matter how big or small, it’s the little things that make all the difference to me. You can also find out more about them by clicking here. And it’s also a fresh start for you, you’ll have a great page to comment, to write us, and of course for the sewing aficionados out there, you’ll have a “Community” page to talk, give advice, ask for tips and share your contagious passion to do things. I’d like to thank you again since all of this is possible because of you, for always being there and sending so much love our way! THANKS!
This month the blog will also celebrate it’s 4th birthday, I’m not going to do a birthday post today, but looking back... wow! To tell you the truth, I’m quite moved to show you my baby today. I called on the talented people of l’Agence Colorz, who’ve already helped us develop the Wear Lemonade e­shop. I showed them the things I liked and those that I didn’t and working with them has gone smoothly since the beginning. I feel that with this new design I’ve been given a gift, that I’m sharing with you too, for many new adventures to come! I was really nervous to turn over the art direction of the website to someone else but in the end I learned to let go and allow myself to be guided, because at the end of the day, I’m living/breathing Make My Lemonade 24/7, and I realized that at a certain point I wasn’t able to step back and judge the vibe we’re giving off. By letting Colorz propose their take on our lemony world, I fell in love, let’s make lemonade together again! Even if you know how I hate the word, I wanted to keep the structure of a “blog” which is simple to use and I don’t have the ambition nor the desire to do an online magazine. I wanted us to continue to navigate the website like we always have, with ease. Welcome my darlings! Go ahead and take it all in, please tell us what you think and let us know about any bugs, and don’t forget to clear your cache! Hugs and kisses, your devoted lemon.
DSC03417 Translated by Whitney  Bolin[:]
03 mars, 2016