Hello my little darlings! I’m here to tell you the latest news about Lemonade Studio’s big project. A few weeks ago, the brand Sonia By Sonia Rykiel asked us to make some fun and festive window displays​for their summer collection... After thinking long and hard and finding their collection absolutely delightful, we came up with a bunch of Piñatas. This morning, raining and dreary, we carefully set up our “Piñatas Factory” at 6 rue de Grenelle. We didn’t let the weather get us down, we decided that our goal would be to brighten others’ days, and you know what, as I’m writing, a ray of sunshine tickles my keyboard...
This Sunday, Charlotte S. will post a new Daily Lemonade to tell to you about her new responsibilities as “piñata queen”. I swear it’s on her business card! Simoné is putting the finishing touches on a little behind­the­scenes video of the piñata construction and installation. Anyhow, Charlotte did a great job and I’m a huge fan of the denim piñatas. I’m sure if you’re good, she’ll show you how to make them... pastel paper, jeans, and survival blankets, it’s a little bit chaotic at the studio but well worth it. To capture the moment, we’ve asked Pauline Darley (still our favorite) to shoot a few pictures with the lovely Claire in Sonia By Sonia Rykiel... I hope you’ll like it.
This Thursday, March 10th, it’s Open House Day at the Sonia By boutique, at 6 rue de Grenelle, where you can see our displays from 11am to 6pm. Saturday March 19th through Saturday March 26th, you can drop by the store to snap a few pictures of the decorations and post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #soniapinatafactory and tag @soniabysoniarykiel. A drawing will take place and the winner gets a 400€ gift card to spend in the Grenelle store! Oh yeah! Hugs and kisses, I can’t wait to read what Charlotte has to say about the behind­the­scenes of this collaborative project!
      Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
09 mars, 2016