Hello my little kitties!

Today, no Happy Friday but we are still going to talk about clothes! Not any clothes… because it is all about the Lola dress. It is my new bestfriend, my Autumn uniform and even a good resolution outfit. Wearing this dress, you will look like the top of the class. I am really fan of the collar we made with Laure (the queen of the patterns) for the pattern of the Bianca shirt and I wanted to find it again but on a little dress. I think a shirt collar is always the final touch of an outfit, same as lipstick…
The little Lola dress is coming on next Wednesday, the 30th at 10am!




Lola is the easy-to-wear little dress. She is feminine and does not fit too much. I do not really like fitted cuts because you always feel okay in the morning but often not enough comfortable during the day… At the same time, to give you some indications, Lola is more fitted than the Bianca shirt, one of our first patterns, because you though it was a bit too large. I think we found a compromise with this one! About the different colors, you will be able to buy Lola in an ultramarine blue version, to wear with a denim jacket for example, or a black one without collar, and dotted tights! Do not hesitate to post on the social media some pictures of you wearing our Wear Lemonade clothes in order to inspire us new combinations and outfits! The second version is in an ink blue color with white cherries. I love this pattern and we almost forget about the cherries because it becomes a sort of graphic composition… Anyway, Lola I love you and I cannot wait to take my models and put them into my closet!




As we like organizing small events for each new launch, we have a nice surprise for the Parisians… Do not worry my other little kitties from all around France; we have also cool surprises coming for the next launches! From Wednesday and for the 100 first orders, we are going to offer you the delivery within the same day thanks to I explain: if you order before 2pm, you will be able to receive your clothes order during the afternoon with a small bouquet of flowers from Bloom's! A good opportunity to show off in the open space, if you see what I mean….




I will talk about the pattern more precisely next Wednesday and show you different versions you can do (I already have 3…). I am wearing a size S (36/38) for the ink blue and cherries dress and a size M for the ultramarine blue one (a bit too big for me). You will find all the indications about sizes and recommendations in the product description. I am also wearing Clarks, Falke socks and a leather bag from April Shower! Pauline Darley took the pictures at the Lemonade Studio.


Translated by Coralie Clair
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25 septembre, 2015