Hello my little kitties!

I’m back, I mean, WE’re back! We had 10 days of craziness at the office, between the tornado of love and preparation for shootings for a new project…Everybody joined in, as a result, so we were a bit absent, but it’s funny to see how excited we were to finish up so we could come back and prepare stuff for you here! We’ve heard your feedback and “good people” are coming, videos, DIYs, contests, sewing advice, all that! Life is crazy and sweet!




Today, filled with emotion and pride, I present to you my latest endeavor! Tattoos not forever ! What’s that, you ask? It’s a book “box set” of instructions on how to do your own temporary tattoos, photos which provide an inspirational user’s guide for tattoos, created by the talented Charlotte Abramow, hundreds of black and white design illustrations, and most importantly, 70 temporary tattoos ready-to-use, right now! This first draft of the book was made possible by my great friend Alexandra Bruel and her Graphic Design studio Piu Design. A real “100% Girl power project,” just like we like them!



I can’t even begin to tell you how long it took for this project to see the light of day, I started drawing illustrations point by point, like you do real tattoos. That was quite a disaster area for an impatient person like me, but Eyrolles, my publishing house, pushed me to keep at it, and I thank them so much for that! And it was also really good to rack our brains revolving around a theme and think up tattoos that I would love to have and ones that I imagine you would love to wear…I got a glimpse of your enthusiasm for temporary tattoos when I partnered up with Bourjois last year.  That was really a super experience but I must admit I was frustrated by the small format of the designs and for this book I wanted to make bigger and more realistic ones as well! 


make-my-lemonade-tattoos-not-forever-do-it-yourself Photo taken by The Socialite Family <3

 In this book, you can also detach the illustration plates to scan them and print even more tattoos using the family printer and special temporary tattoo paper, and you can file your plates away inside your book in an envelope containing 70 other ready-to-use tattoos!      So there you have it, I hope you like it, it’s now on-sale at our e-shop www.makemylemonade.bigcartel.com as of today, an exclusive, sneak peek for you, and in bookstores as of Friday!




I’m sending you big kisses! And we want to see you tattooed from head to toe! Share your tattoo photos using the hashtag : #tattoosnotforever 

Thank you Anne and Eric for trusting me, Charlotte for her sweet help, Charlotte Abramow for her craziness, Alexandra for her talent and thank you Nathan Cahen for this amazing video.



 Translated by Ida Driscoll




08 avril, 2015