My little cats,

I was telling you all about DIY, surprises and a crazy back-to-school season, well it isn't the end of it. It took me some time to put it in place but it's here and I am very happy to show you the result!

To refresh your memory we have to go back to last June and the release of Make my Party, 200 pages of love, 5 chapters of inspiration, 25 DIYs and 10 recipes... I am repeating myself but this project would never have been possible without you. So on top of saying thank you  every three day, I wanted to give you a present. It is a double-sided present: it is a bonus for those of you who already are the happy owner of the book, and it is a glimpse of what you can find into this massive book as well... Because it is an extra and unpublished chapter called...BBQ O'CLOCK! 33 pages that I'll give you all week long... By the end of the week you'll have a full PDF file to download... And cherry on the library I'll make a little DIY during the weekend to show you how to bind your chapter and to slide it at the end of your  Make my party.

Let me tell you the story of this 6th chapter, I really wanted to make a more male chapter (but I'm explaining that into the next pages). Actually I signed a contract with Eyrolles for a book of 160 pages and my little baby was already of 200 pages so when I talked to my editor about a last chapter, she laughed and said "we are about to shoot up the production costs, keep it in mind for a second tome"... But if there is a second tome I'd like it to be about something completely different so the idea of a digital gift came very naturally... So here it is TA-DA!

See you tomorrow !

Santa Lisa






23 septembre, 2013