My little kittens, my lovelies, my sweethearts,

It is with great joy and immense pride, and with lots of butterflies in my stomach, that Ipresent to you today a project that has been dear to my heart for months now: WearLemonade. I sought out the right partners, the right suppliers, the right graphics, the rightconcept! And there you have it, I really wanted to launch “Wear Lemonade” in January,okay it’s the 30th, but it’s still January.



So, this really means a lot to me because this project is kind of the intersection of where I come from, with my schooling as a stylist, and where my life has lead me, towards you. I really had a great time designing all the templates, all the items that I would love to wear, that I don’t necessarily find, and I really wanted to update the fashion patterns Fashion and Arts and Crafts, adding a bit more zing…



Ergo, I will schedule a monthly date during which I will teach you to make a garment from A to Z! You will be able to either download the pattern for free, and print out a mountain of A4 pages, OR you can buy the sewing pattern in one single piece from our boutique on-line, and it will arrive in a kraft paper envelope, with an instructional booklet, and its label “WearLemonade”… By the end of the year, you will have your own Make My Lemonade line of essentials!


WEAR LEMONADE #1 ROBE LUISA from Make My Lemonade on Vimeo.

We will start with the little dress Luisa, super easy, with pockets, works for all body types, and you are free to customize it as your heart desires, with little bows like in this do it yourself, with a huge flower instead of a bow, or wear it with a detachable collar underneath, make it your own! And I, of course, absolutely want to see your own creations, so don’t hesitate to share them with us using #DIYwearlemonade on social networks!




I’m sending you big kisses and can’t want to read your reactions, check in with us real soon for more developments in the schedule! XO!

Translated by Ida Driscoll



30 janvier, 2015