Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing well. Everything is fine for us and today is the launch of Leia: the little blouse I talked to you about last week is the last piece of the Wear Lemonade collection of the year! It is not yet time to take stock but this Wear Lemonade adventure is completely crazy! I wanted to thank you for all your feedbacks; we make the brand grow everyday because of you so I wanted to thank you for giving us the strength to go further and to do our best as always! I think I can talk for the studio members too and we are all so impatient to see what is coming next (YES I am not talking about the girls only because we have now a new male member in the team: welcome Simone!) 




Anyway, it is time to show you Leia, the stars princess. We decided to produce it in 3 different versions because we could not choose! They are all made of silk: white version, white with little stars and black with white polka dots. Leia will be sold for €79 in smaller quantities than usual because we divided the production in three! We advise you to choose one size above your usual size. By the way, talking about production makes me think about the fact that we will probably travel for the next collection and bring you with us to see the backstage of the Wear Lemonade collections… I really want to tell you stories next year! As good news never comes alone, to complete Leia’s look, we produced few more Ava “tutu” skirt in France! I hope to see all of you with the Leia blouse during Christmas holidays!
For those who are the most motivated: here is the step-by-step video to realize your own Leia, it is not that complicated you will see! 



All you need to know about the pattern:

  • You can buy the sewing pattern in a nice packaging with an instruction booklet and a Wear Lemonade tag here for €14.90.
  • You can also buy the PDF version for €2.99 and the instruction booklet is now included in the file. You can print it in A4 or US letter. The second picture will help you to put the sheets all together.
  • The degree of difficulty is: “Nothing complicated”, you will be a tear-resistant slits expert!
  • To sew the blouse you need 1.60m of fabric for the bigger size (1.40 of width = classic fabric roll), some bonding tape and 3 covered buttons. We advise you to create this blouse in a cotton voile or a silk crepe (why not an English embroidery or even lace).
  • As a reminder, the seam allowance is included in all the Wear Lemonade patterns (= 1cm)!
  • If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to send a message to the queen of patterns Laure at




As I told you a bit earlier, you always inspire us new ideas… We saw that many of you are often buying patterns by 3. For this reason, we decided to sell patterns pack at the end of each collection. It is a really nice idea for those who want to try sewing or to make their friends discover Wear Lemonade patterns! Since today, you will be able to find a collector box for each collection. If you buy 3 patterns from different collections, you will also receive a box but the “random” one!
Check them out:

  • - The BACK TO BASICS pack with the Frida dress, the Mona perfecto and the Ava skirt.
  • - The CHERRY DOTS pack with the Paloma dungarees, the Nina jumpsuit and the Lola dress.
  • - The TO THE MOON pack with the Rosa teddy, the Malia dress and the Leia blouse.

I send you big kisses!




Translated by Coralie Clair
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09 décembre, 2015